Cowboy Dressage Intro and More with Marcia Moore Harrison

More Introduction to Cowboy Dressage in the Valley. Find out why Cowboy Dressage is good for you and your horse. Everyone Welcome! It’s a place where kindness to horse and others is the norm…. Here is a continuation of “Intro to Cowboy Dressage” in March with Clinician Marcia Moore Harrison, CDWPA L3 Clinician/Judge, Potlatch, Idaho Whether you are trying for […] Continue Reading

Cowboy Dressage Clinic w Level 3 Clinician Dale Rumens-Partee

Welcome to Cowboy Dressage. Come to wine country in Walla Walla, WA. Royal Steward Arena welcomes Dale Rumens-Partee and team Western Sky Horsemanship. Friday night 6-8pm we will hold a gathering to cover the history and mission of Cowboy Dressage, as well as learn about the Cowboy Dressage Court. Location to be announced. Sat and Sun we will work on […] Continue Reading


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