1. Prospective members shall complete and document the requirements of their preferred membership level. Once you complete the requirements, fill out and submit the application with documentation. Upon receiving recommendation, provide dues/fees and current contact information. Welcome to CDWPA!!

  2. New members will be added to our CDWPA mailing list and private Facebook page. This page can be used to present ideas, ask questions and provide support to members. It is recommended that you add notifications of new posts to your Facebook settings. You will need to Facebook friend Sheryl Strathman first so she can add you. After you make your payment, you MUST email Sheryl your Contact Information or it will not be added to the list.

  3. Members shall be informed and knowledgeable of all current Cowboy Dressage rules, guidelines, recommendations and code of ethics. You are the front line to the public for Cowboy Dressage!

  4. Members shall make every effort to support, guide and mentor all existing, prospective, and interested professionals in the Cowboy Dressage principles, rules and lifestyle. We want to promote the atmosphere of inclusion!

  5. Members must be involved in volunteering, mentoring and interning, as they are important duties for the future of Cowboy Dressage. Please keep records of your activities for advancement purposes.

  6. Members should make every attempt to participate in continuing education opportunities.

  7. All Clinicians, including Learner clinicians should ride in open classes (including CDW Judges) must ride as “Open” competitors in all Cowboy Dressage events.

  8. Members shall report major infractions. Complete a written record for CDWPA review and possible enforcement in a timely manner. Major infractions would include, but not limited to, Code & Ethics, the Handshake, Soft Feel and/or rules of Cowboy Dressage World and/or Cowboy Dressage World Professional Association with intent or malice.

  9. Members who commit major infractions agree to be reviewed, investigated and/or appeals of a confirmed infraction. The member could be subject to possible probation or suspension of CDWPA recognition and rights and/or benefits, without refund. Members shall honor the final judgment of the CDWPA officials.

  10. Members will provide updated contact information (within 2 weeks of change) and keep all membership fees paid in full.

  11. Members shall not provide contact information of other members to any outside sources without written approval, other than the website/Facebook information released to the public.

  12. Protocol for Cowboy Dressage Judges When Judging Family Members, Students, and ClientsCowboy Dressage Recommended Judges have one of the highest standards set forth in the Equine industry.  We are a new and developing discipline, with a limited number of qualified judges.  Often situations arise where it is important to treat all riders at a Gathering in a fair and equitable manner.  For this reason, we have set some guidelines when judging family members and regular students (A regular student would be someone who rides with a judge in an ongoing training or lesson program, not someone who is riding in a clinic one time with a judge).

    Family members and regular students of a presiding Recommended Judge will ride for scores only.  In other words, they may not receive a ribbon or placing in a class, but the score can count for Clinician status or other criteria where one is trying to achieve a qualifying score, such as Partnership and Liberty classes that require a score of 72% in order to progress.  Because a judge’s students are riding for a score only, those scores will not be used to determine high  point of the Gathering or for year-end High Point Awards.  (However, if there are 2 judges judging a show, every effort must be made to have the rider ride for the judge who is not related to or regularly coaches the rider – with that said, show management is not obligated to accommodate a judge’s students, as this is often not possible when judges switch arenas from day to day in a multiple day/multiple arena event.)  It is never an ideal situation to judge students and family members, so every effort should be made to avoid it, when possible.  We support the decision of our judges in these situations to make ethical choices.


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