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Sheryl Strathman
4545 SW Indian Hills rd.
Topeka KS 66610

Learner Clinician – A Cowboy Dressage Learner Clinician is someone who wishes to teach and train riders in Cowboy Dressage as a Professional.  A Learner Clinician must volunteer* 16 hours at a Cowboy Dressage event and carry liability insurance with Cowboy Dressage World, LLC, named as an additionally insured on their liability insurance policy (1 million dollar aggregate policy).  A copy of insurance must be forwarded to:

Learner Clinicians will be given one year from the time they join the CDWPA as a Learner Clinician to become a Level 1 Clinician or higher.  If they do not fulfill the requirements for Level 1 Clinician or higher within the one year period, they will forfeit all rights to teach Cowboy Dressage with no refunds in fees.  A Learner Clinician is an aspiring Professional within Cowboy Dressage, therefore they will be expected to compete at all Cowboy Dressage Gatherings as an Open rider (refer to CD rules for definition).


  1. Show proof of liability Insurance (PRINT INSURANCE REQUIREMENT FORM)
  2. 16 Hours of volunteer time in Cowboy Dressage®



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