2022 Cowboy Dressage World Retreat and Super Clinic

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April 8, 2022 - April 10, 2022 All day

2022 Cowboy Dressage World Retreat and Super Clinic

Our second Cowboy Dressage Clinic and Retreat is a wrap. It was so fantastic we are going to do it again at LS Ranch, April 8-10, 2022

There was something for everyone and every horse. Add a continuous campfire, ranch cooking with music and song and you have the perfect set up for a memorable event.  Take a stunning working ranch setting and atmosphere and add sunshine and you have ranching and riding few get to experience... it was amazing.

Dave Ellis and Lyn Ringrose-Moe gave 100%. Riders’ brains must have been exploding!

So here we go with our 3nd CDW Retreat and Super Clinic.

Join us in creating more memories…

Dave, Lyn, Jody and Debbie

Saddle up and join us for what promises to once again be a much-anticipated event. Ride and learn from some of the best in the equine industry all in one beautiful location.

Expect quality education, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a real ranch experience, entertainment, and many “Ah ha” moments.

Featuring CDW Clinicians Lyn Ringrose-Moe and Dave Ellis.

For Information on each clinician, please visit their website.

Guest Lecturers: Dr Marina Abrams on Rider’s Health and Dr. Sharon Spier on Horse’s Health. (details to follow)



Friday – Sunday, April 8-10, 2022


Jody Grimm and Dave Ellis’s LS Ranch  |  31315 Hot Springs Road  |  Porterville, CA 93257

Costs and more:

Rider Cost – $1,400 for riders (only 21 rider slots available and must commit to all three days)
Rider Cost Includes: Dry Camping-RV, horse pen (limited spaces available and for riders only)
Meals included: Friday, Saturday, Sunday Lunch,
Saturday evening Dinner/Entertainment (Meal 6-7 p.m. followed by entertainment)
There will be a small number of horses available from Jody and Dave. Please contact Jody for information:  jody.grimm@juno.com  (these are very nice, well-trained horses to help make your retreat experience fulfilling.)

Auditors – $100 per day. Lunch.  Dinner Saturday evening - $25
(be sure to bring a comfy chair to watch the clinic sessions)


  • Lyn–Large Arena
    Exercises and development that prepare horse and rider for correct transitions. Frames, Gaits, Footfalls, Carriage and Timing in relation to correct transitions.
    Transitions are where good horsemen/women shine. Preparation, timing, and balance are key to balanced transitions. Your transition will determine the quality of your gait.  Setting your horse up properly will allow you to ride him correctly without the correction that follows a poor transition. Remember that “transitions” are the beginning of self-carriage.

Circles, straight lines, bend, turns on haunches and forehand. Learn the basic components of balance in each exercise for both horse and rider.  Enrich the learned skills while riding a challenge test of your choice. You will ride the test and then get support, coaching and feedback. The court will help teach both horse and rider key components of good horsemanship. There are tests for every level of ability of horse and rider. The feedback from Lyn after each test will be priceless and enlightening.  You will be surprised how much of these skills will come into play when moving on to the cattle work. It is recommended that each rider be familiar with the layout of the court and letters. Have a test in mind you wish to ride.  Tests and courts can be found at: https://cowboydressageworld.com/resources/tests/

  • Dave –Dancing with Cows (Friday/Saturday in large round pen. Sunday at cattle pens)
    Taking Cowboy Dressage outside the court and putting it to use on THE RANCH. There will be CATTLE on Sunday! Need we say more. Learn that the components of Cowboy Dressage are not only for the court but for good stockmanship when managing livestock. The California Vaqueros were experts with suppleness and handling livestock with a “draw” vs. a push as done in Texas. It turns out that the arc of our ten-meter circle becomes a perfect tool for encouraging the cattle to move with us rather than away from us.  The grace demonstrated by moving this arc away from the cattle and by easing the hindquarters to the cattle and away maintaining this arc becomes the tool for “Dancing with our Cattle.”  During the first two days of this retreat Dave will help us establish an appropriate arc or bend and then move it “to and for” to gracefully dance with you as the leader.  You will be astounded with the effectiveness of our Cowboy Dressage used in this manner. Two days to prepare ourselves and then, the final day actually with the cattle.


There will be 2 continuing topics each day (10/11 riders per group). Each rider will have 3 days in a row of the same 2 topics with progression each day. This will allow each rider to really absorb and learn more in depth horsemanship skills and understanding of principles and application. Each session is 2 hours with a 15-minute break. Lunch will be an hour and a half.

Each clinic day will start with a meeting of all riders at the paddock area for a summary of the day ahead. This meeting can be attended with horse and will be 30 minutes before start time. Q/A allowed

Once the clinic day has concluded there will be a group meeting at the pole barn after the lectures to discuss the day, ask questions and “gather and share.” We ask all riders to be in attendance. This meeting to start approximately 30 minutes after the last clinic finishes.

Remember to allow time to warm up your horses before meeting and clinics start.

Daily Schedule:

9 a.m. – Morning meeting (stabling/paddock area)

9:30 am -11:30 a.m. – Round 1 Clinic Sessions

11:30 am -1:00 Pm– Lunch

1 pm.- 3 p.m. – Round 2 Clinic Sessions

3:30 pm -4:30 pm Guest Lecture at Pole Barn

4 pm Wrap for the day. Q/A

Saturday 6 pm Dinner, Campfire and Sing a Long at Pole Barn

Sunday 8:30 am. (stabling/paddock area) Continuing Cattle Discussion with Dave Ellis. Learn more of the how and why of cattle stockmanship.


Paid by PayPal _____  or Paid by enclosed check _____
If you wish to pay using PayPal here is our account:  biz@cdwpa.com

Rider______ ($1400)  (only 20 rider slots available)

Auditor ($100 per day) Fri  _____Sat  ____ Sun  ____
Saturday PM Dinner($30) ______

Total $ _________

Checks must be made out to Cowboy Dressage World and mailed to: Bev Meyers, 9660 Tavernor Rd, Wilton, CA 95693 bevmeyers@outlook.com

Click Here to print out Registration form to include with your payment.

All release of liability forms must be submitted with payment, Click Links below to download forms.

  2. LS Ranch Release of Liability

No Refunds after March 1, 2022. Requests for refund before March 15th must have a letter from a vet or doctor stating health reasons for cancellations.
Initial here that you are aware of our refund policy. _______

Hotels (are about 20 minutes away)

  • Holiday Inn Express | Phone: (559) 782-1200 | Address: 840 S Jaye St, Porterville, CA 93257
  • America's Best Value Inn | Address: 676 N Main St, Porterville, CA 93257  Phone: (559) 306-1900
  • Best Western Phone: 559-781-7411  |  350 Montgomery Avenue, Porterville, CA 93257

Other Information:

Visit: http://lsranchnaturally.com/ for more information on the event location and hosts.

Video of what LS Ranch offers ….. a must watch
Pictures of LS Ranch: http://lsranchnaturally.com/LS-Photos.html

Directions to LS Ranch