Marcia Moore Harrison and Stretch
Marcia Moore Harrison and Black Stretch Limo

Marcia grew up in beautiful north Idaho and started riding before she could walk. At three years of age she was riding her own horse into hunting camp and started competing in gymkhana and horse show events soon after.  Her passion for learning had her seated on arena rails to listen to famous clinicians at the age of eight.  By the time she was thirteen she was training horses professionally and set on her career path. Taking what she learned from clinics and apprenticeships with some of the greatest horse trainers in the US, and adding to it what she learned from personal experience, Marcia developed her own unique program.  Based on a philosophy of building a relationship with the horse and connecting on every level, MM Training and Consulting offers effective techniques and solid training principles for all riding disciplines.  Versatility training and instruction with a focus on Liberty, Cowboy Dressage, and Trail, as well as personal and performance coaching, mesh to meet the mission of enhancing life’s relationships through connection.  Marcia will be riding Black Stretch Limo.

The Cowboy Dressage vision and guiding principle of Soft Feel resonates strongly with Marcia. She rode her first test during the 2014 American Horsewoman’s Challenge, and after placing first in the Cowboy Dressage portion and top five overall, Marcia was hooked. Marcia continues to pursue Cowboy Dressage and she loves competing, giving lessons, and training horses in this discipline.   Connect with Marcia on Facebook at MM Training and Consulting or on the website at

Marcia Moore Harrison
Marcia Moore Harrison

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