Paul Dupray
Paul Dupray

Paul’s dedication to horse and rider spans over 35yrs. Beginning in Vermont as a child he rode everything from gymkhana to saddle seat park horses. He completed 25 yrs in Arizona as a professional trainer and clinician. He apprenticed with many greats along the way. His love for understanding and communicating with the horses in many disciplines has taught him to carry through the teachings of others to benefit the horse and rider at hand. Whether it be his passion for mounted shooting, speed events or his commitment to precision, harmony and a cohesive partnership in Cowboy Dressage, he is completely immersed in the love of horses and their understanding of us humans. Currently residing in northern California Paul conducts a training stable in the east bay, Walnut Creek California. He continues to give clinics in horsemanship and bio-mechanics, Form to Function and Applications of Dressage to enhance your Western Ways. 

Paul is both Proud and honored to be able to be a part of the growth of Cowboy Dressage, a basis and a belief of true solid horsemanship!


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