Benefits of CDWPA Membership

  • Members who have adequate professional experience and practice of true soft feel may be “Recommended” as an official professional in Cowboy Dressage®.
  • On an on-going basis, CDWPA develops special resources and opportunities not available to anyone else. The fast-track to professional success.
  • Communicate with like-minded professionals, sharing tips, opportunities and encouragement.
  • Members will be professionally evaluated for “recognition”, the Association’s stamp of approval.
  • Only recommended CDWPA members and their events will be promoted on Cowboy Dressage World Facebook pages.

Member Benefits

You may apply for membership in the Professional Association and seek to be officially “Recommended” as a Cowboy Dressage® Judge and/or Clinician-Educator . Achieving official “recognition” will afford you many important and valuable perks and privileges, reserved solely for “Recommended” Members.

Joining CDWPA affords you the opportunity to be evaluated by the Association towards the goal of producing Judges, Clinicians-Educators of the highest quality and professionalism and is reserved for Association Members only.

Some of the benefits and perks include:

  1. All Recommended Members will be listed in the PUBLIC ONLINE DIRECTORY at the applicable level rating with links to contact information and your website (if available).
  2. Use of CDWPA and CDW logos and title for advertisements, ribbons, postings, and similar uses. Use of these logos is restricted to “Recommended” Members only!
  3. Options for Liability insurance.
  4. And many others…