Cowboy Dressage World Recommended Judge Applicants

  • Attend a Judging Bootcamp
  • Pass a Written Test
  • Send a complete Biography of your background and education within the horse industry, along with why you feel you would be an asset to Cowboy Dressage World as a Recommended Judge
  • Complete Video Judging Assignment
  • Start the application process according to the Recommended Judge Application Form

Cowboy Dressage Judging Boot Camps – All Cowboy Dressage Judge applicants will need to attend and complete a Cowboy Dressage Judging Boot Camp.  The Judging Boot Camp gives each participant an in-depth knowledge of the philosophy and mission of Cowboy Dressage.  It also gives participants the tools and skills necessary to pursue their goal of becoming a Cowboy Dressage Recommended Judge.

Pass a written test – Judge Applicants will take a written test on the last day of boot camp that covers the judging guidelines and rules. Applicants must pass with a minimum score of 80.00%. It is strongly encouraged that participants study the rules prior to attending the boot camp in order to pass the closed book written test.

Submit a complete biography of your equestrian background – Include current judging experience (if any), training and education as it pertains to the equine industry (example:  How long you have been a trainer or instructor, and what disciplines, etc.) along with 3 professional references.  Write a short essay as to why you want to become a judge for CDW.  Submit your bio to Susan Dockter, CDWPA Coordinator, at

Video Judging – Once the applicant has passed the written examination, they will be asked to do three video judging assignment. Each video assignment should be scored with comments, collective scores, further remarks, totaled with a final percentage. Each assignment should be scanned into a PDF format and emailed to Susan Dockter, CDWPA Coordinator, at

Application Process – Once the previous four steps have been completed the judge candidate can start the application process. The Recommended Judge Application form can be located below.  The applicant has two years from the completion of the Judge’s boot camp to complete the application process.

Mentoring – A level 3 Judge with Distinction may be assigned to mentor and help the judge applicant through the process.

Clicking on the links below, you will be able to download and/or print some of the forms needed for your Judge submission.

After carefully reviewing and preparing the documents in the list above, click on the
WAYS TO SUBMIT link for information.

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Judges Annual Fee of $100 Please Note: This is not for renewal of your membership.
You will be sent a renewal letter so make sure your email is correct at all times.  Your email is also your username.  If you do not receive your renewal, please contact Donna Muniz (

(Memberships run from January 1 to December 31)

Click Here to Sign Up as a new Judge and pay your Annual Fee of $100.00!

Mail all Judge Applications to:

Susan Dockter
PO Box 3473
Livermore, CA 94551

Required after sign up:

After you sign up, be sure to email Sheryl Strathman at Email:
  1. Your FULL Contact information as you want it to appear in the directory on the website. (CDWPA in subject line)
  2. A photo for your Facebook profile.
  3. Friend Sheryl Strathman on Facebook so she can add you to the CDWPA private page.

Sheryl Strathman
4545 SW Indian Hills rd.
Topeka KS 66610

IF you are having a technical issue with the membership, contact Donna Muniz.


*     = Any Challenge, Vaquero or Standard Cowboy Dressage Test or equal value excluding partnership tests.

**   = Alternate method; sign-in to a live video feed of clinic of equal level or higher.

*** = Alternate method; provide a video/ CD/ via internet of a equal CD Test for review by Cowboy Dressage Judges of CDWPA.

(P) = Member on probation


To “mentor”; to teach, give advice or guidance to a CDWPA professional in good standing.

To “Intern”;  to be a student who worked for a period of time with CDWPA professional in good standing, to gain experience and knowledge of Cowboy Dressage’s practices, principles and lifestyle.

To “coach”; to teach, instruct or train a student/client

“Partner”: is a Core member of Cowboy Dressage World and shall be considered the highest Level of professional for mentoring.

A “clinic”; is a clinic event instructed by a CDWPA professional/partner being in good standing.

“In good standing”; to pay any/all fees dues/fees to CDWPA, complete all required documentation in a timely manner and be actively participating in Cowboy Dressage events, Expos, clinics and/or play days.

To “volunteer”; is limited to Cowboy Dressage Play Days, Clinics, Gatherings, to participate as CDWPA board member or in Expo booths &/or demos, or similar.