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Watch Facebook Live with a CDW Professional. Up Close and Personal for those on an educational quest….

  • Nov 24th 7:00 pm
    Jenni Grimmett – Cowboy Dressage: Building strength and soundness through soft feel.
  • Dec 15th 7:00 pm
    Lyn Ringrose Moe

CDW 2021

  • Jan 3rd 7:00 pm
    Jessica Hutchings – Cross training with CD. Benefits
  • Jan 17th 7:00 pm
    Christi Reins – Liberty
  • Feb 15th
    Lyn McKenspy – Why dressage for the western horse.
  • March 3 rd. 7:00 pm
    Saralyn Austin – How to Put on a CDW schooling show
  • March (date coming soon)
    Tracy Auddette – Simple stretches
  • April 1st 7:00 pm
    Garn Walker – Bits and Bitting
  • April 15th 7:00 pm pst
    Dan Grimmett – CDW for beginners. How to start a CD  “welcoming” program for “new to the horse” riders.

More to come so check back often for updates.. All just for “You”

Welcome to Cowboy Dressage World Facebook Live….. the reruns!

Each month we will be featuring an educational Q/A on Facebook Live. We will also have some up close and personal interviews to share. You will be able to ask a CDW Partner questions pertaining to Cowboy Dressage and general horsemanship. You can do this ahead of time or during the actual broadcast.

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It is the goal of the CDW Partners to be accessible to our public. We wish to inspire, educate and bring some “ah ha” moments to you all. Most of all we want you to feel welcome.

If you miss the original broadcast it will be posted here for you to enjoy or review at your convenience.

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