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CDW August 2020 News Letter


Perhaps Gene Autry said it best when he sang,

“Back in the saddle again. Out where a friend is a friend…”

Our CDW Fall Gathering is a celebration of not just negotiating an unexpected and unprecedented 2020 but the sharing of horses and friends with an eye towards a positive future. When the dust settles (and it will) CDW will still be here and we will still have each other….that is the biggest celebration of all.

Although this Gathering is not our usual Finals, it is testament to the CDW discipline and all those that continue to breathe life, love and dedication into it.

Cowboy Dressage World celebrates “You”. Join us and celebrate us all!

Please note that this gathering will follow CDC, State and MEC Covid Guidelines. Because these

Guidelines can change at any time adjustment may need to be made taken on any given day.

Murieta Equestrian Center, Rancho Murieta, CA. Oct 8-11

For Entries and Premium CLICK HERE

CDW 2020 Virtual Championship and Finals.

Video submissions will be October 15-21 (deadline to enter 10/6).

The CDW Partners are so excited about this new venue. We are most happy when our “people” are happy!!! Ride On…..

Lights Camera Action….

Because of the overwhelming success and participation in our Virtual CDW Shows we will be holding a Virtual Finals and Championship Show. This is a World Virtual Show!!! Remember that all rides must be new videos not used in previous shows.

Remember that virtual and live shows have separate year end high point awards so camera up and saddle up for a first for CDW.

The CDW Partners are so excited about this new venue. We are most happy when our “people” are happy!!! Ride On…..

New for 2020 CDW Team Trifecta Competition

Tests will include:

Partnership on the Ground Walk Walk Test 1, Challenge Walk Jog 3, Open Court Walk Jog 3

See Premium at Click Here for complete information

Cowboy Dressage World is always thinking of something that is not only fun for our exhibitors but challenging. This year we are offering the CDW Team Trifecta.  This is a TEAM competition. The fun is you will not know your fellow team riders until a draw for teams on Wednesday evening.

CDW is very excited about this competition as it has so many elements that we strive to share with our riders.  Sportsmanship, fellow rider support, strategy and horsemanship and of course a good time!

How it works:

  • Each test will be a Team Trifecta Test and a separate entry from the regular tests.
  • Teams will be 3 riders.
  • Team riders will be drawn before competition starts.
  • Each rider on each team will ride all three tests
  • The scores will be accumulative and the team with the highest collective scores will be the winner.
  • Each winning team member will receive a Championship award buckle.
  • Awards to 3rd place
  • Ties to be broken by Soft Feel scores.
  • If there is an odd number for teams, entered riders to balance teams will be encouraged to enter from CDW.
  • Fee per rider is $135.
  • CDW Trifecta for both Fall Gathering and Virtual Championship and Finals

Sponsorships…..Always Appreciated!

Anyone wishing to contribute a sponsorship to either the Live Gathering or the Virtual Championship and Finals can contact Jesseca Hutchings at: 909.241.7892 Sponsorship donations can also be made on entry blanks……..Thanks!

New Parelli Savvy Club Member High Point Award

This award to be given at both Live and Virtual shows. Thank you Christi Rains and Dave Ellis for your generous buckle sponsorships.

Parelli High Point Award. CDW is very excited about this new award. Any open or amateur rider who is a current Parelli Savvy Club member is eligible. Riders must show in at least 4 tests for eligibility.

Cowboy Dressage World Retreat and Super Clinic

Only 2 Riding Spots Left!!!! Sign Up at:

Saddle up for what promises to be a much-anticipated event. Ride and learn from some of the best in the equine industry all in one beautiful location.

Expect quality education, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a real ranch experience, entertainment, and many “Ah ha” moments.  Take a few minutes to watch the video.

Featuring Cowboy Dressage World Clinicians:

For Information on each clinician, please visit their website.

Friday – Sunday, November 6-8, 2020

Jody Grimm and Dave Ellis’s LS Ranch

31315 Hot Springs Road, Porterville, CA 93257

Costs and more
Retreat Cost $1200 for riders (only 20 rider slots available)

Auditors $100 per day. Includes Lunch. Dinner on Sat $20 BYOB

Cost Includes Dry Camping-RV, pen (limited spaces available and for riders only)

Meals included. Fri, Sat, Sun Lunch. Dinner/Entertainment Sat pm

Riders must commit to all three days.

There will be a small number of horses available from Jody and Dave.
Please contact Jody for information.

For test, rules, court etc., visit this link:

Event Schedule

  • Breakfast 7:30 am
  • Clinic start time 9 am each morning.
  • 15 minute break between each rotation


9 am: Groundwork (large arena)

Horses may be saddled, with a halter and lead rope. Whip/stick/flag should be available if needed.

It all starts on the ground! No matter what your discipline, a good and educated foundation starts with effective groundwork. The groundwork foundation you lay in the foundation of your horse will determine the quality of saddle time that lies ahead. It is where the partnership begins…

All three CDW Clinicians are strong advocates of groundwork. Each participant will learn not only why, by how to be effective, and how to build a better horse from the ground up.

Continuing Topics

  • Eitan – Transitions. Transitions are where good horsemen/women shine. They separate those in the know from those who struggle. Preparation, timing, balance are key to balanced transitions. Your transition will determine the quality of your gait.  Setting your horse up properly will allow you to ride him correctly without the correction that follows a poor transition.
  • Lyn – Defining and developing straightness, bend, and balance. All three of these subjects will build your horse for future collection and help maintain soundness.  Your horse will become more supple and “fit” making for a happy healthier horse. These three subjects will also aid in overall quality of your saddle time as your horse becomes easier to ride.
  • Dave – The hackamore. The art, the tradition, the use and the fit.
    The use of the hackamore is often misunderstood. Very often the fit is incorrect. Learn how these traditional California principles are correctly taught and applied. For those of you who wish to ride in a hackamore, this is a session you will love. If you do not ride in one today you will have the knowledge to ride in one in the future.


  • Breakfast 7:30 am
  • Clinic start time 9 am
  • 15 minute break between each rotation

Each rider will have an hour and 15 min with each clinician and then rotate to the next clinician so that each rider is coached by each individual clinician. Groups will be assigned and will rotate after each session is complete.

Continuing Topics

  • Eitan – The Lope (round pen)
    Not the canter or gallop but the lope. Learn the difference in frame and footfall. The lope is not a slowing down of the horse but shortening of the stride. It necessitates strength, self-carriage and the ability to carry weight on the back end while elevating the front end. To have a good lope you must first have a good transition. The lope is a traditionally western gait and there is a science and an art to it.
  • Lyn – Ride a Test and Re-ride. (big arena)
    Each rider will choose a challenge test they wish to ride. They will ride the test and then get support, coaching and feedback. All tests will help you incorporate transitions, frame, bend, straightness and balance while riding the Cowboy Dressage Challenge Court. The court will help teach both horse and rider these key components of good horsemanship. There are tests for every level of ability of horse and rider. The feedback from Lyn after each test will be priceless and enlightening.
    It is recommended that each rider be familiar with the layout of the court and letters. Have a test in mind you wish to ride.
    Tests and courts can be found at:
  • Dave- (round pen)
    Horsemanship – control of feet through a turn on forehand and haunches.
    It is all about control of the feet. In a perfect world the reins would be attached to the horse feet, not his mouth. Learn how to move the feet when and where you want them for the turn on the forehand and on the haunches.  Learn how to set your horse up for balanced and corrects turns.


  • Breakfast 7:30 am
  • Clinic start time 9 am

Continuing Topics

  • Am – Intro to La Garrocha taught by all three clinicians in groups (big arena)
    Who doesn’t want to learn Garrocha!!  So beneficial for horse and rider. Not only is it an art form of quality horsemanship and partnership, it incorporates all the basic components of balance, bend, transitions, control of the feet, turn on the forehand and haunches, straightness and just plain fun!
  • Afternoon – Dave Ellis to instruct and teach this segment.
    Taking Cowboy Dressage outside the court and putting it to use on THE RANCH. There will be CATTLE! Need we say more. What a perfect way to wrap up an in-depth clinic and it is being taught by the real deal.

House Keeping

Please familiarize yourself with the layout of the challenge court

Prepare for your ride a test on Sat

We will provide a caller if needed

Bring comfy chairs

We will have a few La Garrocha poles. If you wish to get one of your own your neighborhood pool supply has just what you need. They have the light weight poles used with pool cleaning attachments. They telescope so easy to transport. Must be able to go to 13’. Usually under $30.

Hotels are about 20 minutes away

Holiday Inn Express | Phone: (559) 782-1200 | Address: 840 S Jaye St, Porterville, CA 93257

America’s Best Value Inn | Address: 676 N Main St, Porterville, CA 93257  Phone: (559) 306-1900

Visit:  for more information on the event location and hosts.

Video of what LS Ranch offers ….. a must watch
Pictures of LS Ranch:


New CDW Level 1 Clinician Requirements

Due to travel restrictions and complications due to Covid, Cowboy Dressage World is modifying the requirements for a Level 1 Clinician. The modified requirements are listed below:

Please use this new Level 1 Clinician Checklist during Covid:

  1. Show proof of liability Insurance (PRINT INSURANCE REQUIREMENT FORM)
  2. Volunteer 16 hours within your equine community or your community with documentation.
  3. Zoom, or live 3 hours with Level 2 Professional or higher for Cowboy Dressage mentoring with documentation from mentor.
  4. Attend a 1 hour Zoom session, 1 hour phone call, or 1 hour live mentoring session with a Cowboy Dressage World Partner
  5. Ride any* WJ3 or WJ4 with a score of 74 or higher or coach a minimum of 3 students to any* WJ3 or WJ4, with a score of 74 or higher*. (Provide a signed hard copy for records).*** This test score must be acquired at a Recommended Cowboy Dressage gathering, a schooling show after 4/1/2018, or by video review through CDWPA. Only scores received from Cowboy Dressage Recommended Judges will qualify.

– score can be achieved from CDW Virtual Shows, also.

  1. Pay for your Clinician Level 1 Annual Fee. Make sure you send your full contact information by email so we can add you to our Directory

News from CDW of Colorado. Congratulations on their first Regional Show!!

Click here for entry forms

Lots of Texas CDW News….

Cowboy Dressage World of Texas

Finally! We have a date:

Dear Friends! This year has been a very hard one on us horse lovers. Over the past several years I have been a part of the regional push to help establish Cowboy Dressage in our state. Cowboy Dressage has always prided itself on being handshake friendly and I am proud of that.

However, in order to move forward in a more organized way, and to offer instruction, clinics, shows with yearly awards we need to form some organization. I would like to invite everyone interested to Aledo, Tx on August 30th at 1:30 in the afternoon for an organizational meeting.

This meeting will be at Darla Walker-Ryder’s place and there is a meeting room. I suggest everyone bring a chair and their own refreshments, social distance will be by your own choice, but highly recommended. Darla, Christi Rains and I will be there to answer questions and we would like you all to bring your ideas and be ready to take part in forming this new club to further our interest in Cowboy Dressage and present it to the public.

Please PM me if you are coming: Beth Shirley | 501 Hillmont Ranch Rd |Aledo, TX 76008

CDW Partner Lyn Ringrose Moe comes to Texas for a CDW Clinic

Contact Bonnie at: 214.707.1873

Educational Opportunities from your CDW Partners

Garn Walker goes to Indiana to teach Cowboy Dressage!

Great horseman…. great opportunity. Sign up and saddle up!

September 12-13, 2020

Clinic will be held at:

Wild About Horses Equestrian Center
6830 SR 25 S West Point, Indiana 47992

Contact 765-714-7403

Thank You from Deb…

I sure don’t need to tell anyone this has been an unusual year. The term “unusual” is my polite way of characterizing 2020.

In spite of all the ups and downs the support of Cowboy Dressage World has been a very uplifting and rewarding experience. It has been a bright shining light each and every day.

The number of you who jumped in and gave our new virtual shows a try is remarkable. The sponsorship support is heartwarming. The many who have offered to volunteer at our Fall Gathering is impressive. The virtual judges rocked it!

No one person can make all this happen. Not two people, not 3, not a dozen. It takes a whole community. Not so much in numbers but more so in heart, spirit and good old-fashioned “grit.”

I’ve got to tell you CDW folks have the most heart, the strongest spirit and more “grit” than a John Wayne movie marathon.

I just want to say, Thank You to all.

Ride em like you stole em….

Thank you to our generous sponsors: