Lots of very positive news and information for our Cowboy Dressage Fans.
We are working hard to stay innovative and in touch with the needs of our horses and riders.


The Vaquero Buckaroo is CDW’s most Western Division. It is filled with deep traditions and pride in Horsemanship. There is a long history that is still practiced and honored today.  Because their horses are developed over time in a method of progression we feel it is a perfect fit for CDW.

In an effort to allow riders to “develop” their horses over time and levels we now offer “VB” tests in the wj, wjl, wj challenge and wjl challenge divisions.

CDW encourages you to study and learn to ride the Vaquero/Buckaroo traditions and horsemanship. It will be quite a journey, time well spent and rich in reward. Remember when training or just riding horses “it takes the time it takes.”

NEW! NEW! NEW! Starting Gathering and Finals 2022

Vaquero Buckaroo Division 2022  Revised 6-2022

  • New name Vaquero Buckaroo (VB)
  • VB exhibitors can now ride in all of the following tests: WJ, WJL, WJ Challenge and WJL Challenge
  • Exhibitors must declare on entries if they are riding as a VB or Regular Test. This will be designated by VB on class number on entry form. Example Test #3 VB
  • Exhibitors cannot ride one test and enter as both VB and Reg Test. A separate test for each division must be ridden.
  • To be recognized as VB exhibitors must have in tack or clothing 3 of the following when competing: Rawhide or rope riata, hobbles, rein chains, quirt, leather cuffs, gauntlets gloves, hackamore with or without Fiador, tapaderos, mohair, cotton or horsehair girths, serape tied across back of saddle, chinks or chaps and get down rope.
  • As rider rides to judge’s stand before entering the test they stop and acknowledge their 3 items
  • Spade bits are not mandatory in the two rein or in the bridle. CDW bitting rules apply.
  • Two hands cannot be used except in the hackamore or snaffle.
  • These new division rules will start at the 2022 Gathering and Finals.

For complete Vaquero/Buckaroo rules and guidelines ⇒ https://cowboydressageworld.com/resources/rules-and-guidelines/


Something a little different for our riders. Enjoy!

Transition, Frame, Cadence, Straightness.

Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of these new tests. The transitions are tasking and frequent. Like the walk walk test they require more than they look.

These are excellent tests for the bridle horse or one handed rider to develop their skills.

A soft, quiet and skilled horse and rider combination will be what it takes to do well executing the transitions in partnership, harmony and soft feel.

The patterns are super simple thus building confidence towards more difficult patterns in our other divisions.
Score sheets will be the same as all other tests with boxes fore scores and comments.

The tests are 1:35 sec, 1:15 sec and 1:10 sec.  If you add 2 min for judges comments you have 3:35, 3:15 and 3:10 ride times. These times are approximately half our average ride times.

The judge will sit at E with scribe. Caller is optional.

These new tests will be introduced to public for use and exploration but not become available for official use until Jan 2023.

These test will be available at CDW Finals as warm up tests for non competition only. (Format and costs to be determined).

Visit for test diagrams and call sheet.  https://cowboydressageworld.com/new-horsemanship-test-1/

New Platinum Rider Award for Gathering and Finals 2022

If you are 70 years old or over you have your own award now!
Saddle Up Cowboys and Cowgirls.
You are never too old to strut your stuff and ride!


Show Your Support

We hope you are enjoying a beautiful show season so far in 2022! Already this year we have had the pleasure of seeing some of the most amazing rides, and whole shows embracing Soft Feel and Partnership to a new level!

As the season continues, we would love your support as we look ahead to Cowboy Dressage World finals 2022.  Every bit helps! Lets get those prizes and buckles sponsored, to reward the immense try and determination of our horse and rider teams!

Sponsorship levels can be found here https://cowboydressageworld.com/corporate-sponsors/sponsorship-options-for-2022/  As always, a sponsorship for your business can be a 100% write off! And a charitable contribution can be partially written off.

We are also searching for product and prize sponsors. If you would like to advertise your business or product with samples or literature in our exhibitor bags, let us know!

This organization continues to thrive off the grass roots support from our members and professionals. Lets keep it thriving for the future, show your support today!

On behalf of Cowboy Dressage World, we thank you for all you do!

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Contact Jesseca Hutchings Wegener with any questions: jhutchperformance@gmail.com


Congratulations To Our Growing CDWPA Team for 2022.

If you wish to help others with their horsemanship journey we are delighted to have you join our team.
The rewards are many.
Find out more on how to become a CDW Professional at: https://cowboydressageworld.com/cdw-professionals/

Tanja Kraus
Level 1 Judge – Australia

Christine Simpson
Clinician Level 3 – Oregon

Tracie Audette
Clinician Level 3 – Oklahoma

Happy Retirement Marli Perry and Welcome Lauri Daniels
Laurie Daniels will be our new Show Manager for the 2022 Gathering and Finals.
Laurie comes to us highly recommended. CDW looks forward to working with her.

CDW Schooling Show Buckles

Remember if you are holding a CDW Schooling Show, CDW will donate a buckle for your awards.
To find out requirement please visit: https://cowboydressageworld.com/resources/becoming-a-cdw-approved-show/

CDW Remuda Members

If you are a current CDW Remuda Member or plan to become one, please send us a picture and a comment about Cowboy Dressage and what it means to you.  We will be posting your comments on our website.  Please send your comments by email to Donna Muniz  donna@cowboydressageworld.com.

CDW Virtual Shows 2022

The very popular CDW Virtual Shows are up and running for 2022. Check them out by clicking here!


CDW Gathering and Finals 2022

Our big event will be here before you know it.  Save the dates October 12-16 2022. Awards on the am of the 16th. Riding for the Brand, The Trifecta, New Platinum Rider, Parelli High Point, Dinner and Freestyles in the evening, Educational Clinics and more.

Happy Trails,

Debbie, “8”, Lyn and Garn