Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

It has been quite a year, certainly one for the books, however, CDW is still here and ready for a new and exciting year!

Here are a few things you can look forward to in 2022.
  • Two new walk jog tests. Walk Jog 5 and 6. Both these tests are on the open court. These should be up on the website the first of the year.
  • The new Octopole tests are still a work in progress. Also the use of the garrocha pole we hope to incorporate in new tests in the future. These tests are quite time consuming and take a lot of development so hang in there.
  • CDW will be donating a buckle to registered CDW schooling shows (not playdays or gatherings). They are beautiful and can be presented for any division and any award.
  • New committee structures are in place to aid CDW Partners in development of a more inclusive organization. We will be looking for volunteers to serve on various committees. More on that to come.
  • Here is a link for some of the schooling shows in the works for 2022. More being planned so stay turned.
  • Remember you can volunteer for the CDW April show and Finals (summer show to be determined) and earn Volunteer Bucks.Find out more about volunteer bucks at:

We need your help in building a better and stronger presence for our CDW community.

Here are some things you can do to help.
CDW Gathering and Finals recap

Another great event in the books for Cowboy Dressage World. Beautiful weather, smiling exhibitors and happy horses. All this in one beautiful facility. Many new faces, both horse and human brought their “try” to our Gathering this year. The Riding for the Brand and Trifecta was spectacular and so exciting to see the quality of rides and horsemanship that has developed over the years.

This show in 2022 will be under new management. Marli has retired but still involved in CDW. It is our plan to have online entries for this show if not before. This is the short version. If you wish to see the results of the Gathering go to: Another big congratulations to all who participated.

Preview Walk Jog 5 and 6 call sheets. Thank you Susan Dockter for writing these new tests.

Walk Jog #5

1. A – Enter Free Jog.

2. I – Stop. Salute.

3. I – Full Turn on Haunches Right Release Rein.

4. I – Full Turn on Haunches Left Proceed Working Walk.

5. C- Turn Left, continue to – S.

6. S – 10m Circle Left Working Walk.

7. S-8-R – Broken Arrow Free Walk.

8. R – Working Walk.
M – Working Jog, continue to – Q.

9. Q – Turn up Quarter Line. Before Midline (E-B) Leg Yield Right to – V.

10. V – 20m Circle Left Free Jog, continue to – F.

11. F-8-H – Change direction Free Jog.

12. H – Working Jog, continue to – R.

13. R – 10m Circle Right Working Walk.

14. R-8-S – Broken Arrow Free Walk.

15. S – Working Walk.
H – Working Jog, continue to – Y.

16. Y – Turn up Quarter Line. Before Midline (B-E) Leg Yield Left to – P.

17. P – 20m Circle Right Free Jog continue to – A.

18. A – Turn down Centerline Working Jog.
8 – Stop. Back 4 steps. Salute.

Walk Jog #6

1. A – Enter Working Walk.

2. 8 – Stop. Back One Handed 2 steps. Salute.
Proceed Working Jog to – C.

3. C – Turn Right, continue to – R.

4. R – 20m Circle Right Free Jog.
Continue to – B.

5. B – 10 M Circle Right Working Jog.

6. B- Shoulder-In Right to – P.

7. P – 20m Bowtie Right Working Jog.
V-8-R and S-8-P – Free Jog.

8. P – Working Jog.
A – Working Walk, continue to – K.

9. K-8-M – Change direction Free Walk.

10. M – Working Walk.
C – Working Jog, continue to – S.

11. S – 20m Circle Left Free Jog.
Continue to – E.

12. E – 10m Circle Left Working Jog.

13. E – Shoulder-In Left to – V

14. V – 20m Bowtie Left Working Jog.
P-8-S and R-8-V Free Jog.

15. V – Working Jog
A – Turn down Center Line, Working Walk.

16. 8 – Full turn on Haunches Left to Full turn on Haunches Right.
Stop. Salute.

Remember that you can print the judge’s score sheets for free.

Thank you for your support.

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Wishing you all the very best in this next year, and as always Happy Trails to all!

Eitan, Deb, Lyn and Garn