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Riding for the Brand combines the most challenging of Cowboy Dressage World Competitions. Each test is an “art form” that also requires strong horsemanship skills both under saddle and on the ground. By asking competitors to exhibit their skills in three horsemanship categories: Partnership on the Ground #2, Walk Jog Lope Challenge #2 and Walk Jog Lope Open Freestyle the horse and rider will be tested on their skilled versatility.  We are excited to include the Open Freestyle in this mix as it allows for their creative partnership to shine…the Cowboy Way.

Click Here for General Information on

Cowboy Dressage World Welcomes Marli Perry and John Moe to Advisory Board

Marli is a familiar face at our shows and has been a great supporter of Cowboy Dressage for many many years. Marli will be the new Cowboy Dressage World Executive Counsel ….. helping to keep us focused and on track.

John is a friend to all of us and the other half of CDW Partner Lyn Ringrose Moe.  John is retired from the State of California. John brings with him years of management expertise and will be helping us build our every growing infrastructure. John is our new Executive Advisor.





Lots going on at the Cowboy Dressage World March Gathering at Murieta Equestrian Center

CDW will be hosting an educational day on March 22. The CDW Partners will be offering clinics during the day for both horse and rider. Auditors are welcome. Only 5 riders per session.  $50 per session. Auditors $25 for the day.  These clinics can be purchased online!  Click Here for Details!

Clinic #1

9 – 10:15 am

Wyatt Paxton/Eitan
Welcome of CDW. Beginners clinic. Learning the court and basic maneuvers.
Circles and straight lines
Mounted and unmounted exercises

Clinic #2

10:30 – 11:45 am
Garn Walker
Building partnership and trust between horse and rider
Mounted and unmounted exercises

Clinic #3

1 pm- 2:15 pm
Lyn Ringrose Moe
Ground work, ground poles, preparing for the octagon and learning to ride the lead change
Mounted and unmounted exercises

Clinic #4

2:30 – 3:45 pm
Eitan Beth-Halachmy
Advanced maneuvers; transitions, lope departures,  turn on the haunches and turn on the forehand, shoulder in.

4 – 5 Pm  No Charge

What lies ahead for CDW?
Discussion: what is new for CDW, What would you like to ask the partners?
General Q/A

CDW will be hosting their year end awards at the March Show. These awards will be presented Friday evening March 22.

Cowboy Dressage World Year End High Point Awards Presentation 6:30 pm

Place to be determined.

If you cannot attend this years awards a video of the presentations will be available on website.

If you cannot attend and were to receive an award, the award and an award certificate will be mailed to you.

The March Spring Gathering will be held Saturday, the 23rd and Sunday, the 24th.

Contact: Bev Meyers at : 916.335.0647   Or

Click Here for information on the CDW Spring Gathering & Show 2019

CDW Events

If you have clinics, shows or Cowboy Dressage World related events please be sure to post on the CDW Submit Your Events page. We get many people requesting information  and it would sure help everyone if it was posted.  Click Here to Submit Your Event!

Show Dates 2019 CDW Gatherings

Murieta Equestrian Center, Rancho Murieta, CA

Contact Bev Meyers  916.335.0647

  1. March 23/24
  2. June 22/23
  3. October 9-13 (Gathering, Finals & Riding for the Brand)

Wy-Not CDW Schooling Shows, Rolling Hills Eq. Center, Corning, CA

Contact Wyatt Paxtyon 530.784.8000

  1. May 4/5
  2. September  21/22

CDW Schooling Shows

Sacramento Horseman’s, Sacramento, CA

Contact Bev Meyers  916.335.0647

  1. April 27
  2. July 27
  3. September 14

Far West Cowboy Dressage Events, OR

  1. April 27 – FWCD Schooling Show
  2. July 26-28 – FWCD Gathering
  3. September 14 – FWCD Schooling Show

Go to their Website for further details.

OR Cowboy Dressage Buckle Series by Jenny McKillip

Cowboy Dressage World of Florida

March Schooling Show in the works.
Contact Michaella Walker 812.583.1271

Cowboy Dressage of Texas

Pilot Point, TX
April 28 (first of a series of 3)
Sanger, TX
Oct 12th
Contact Bonnie Siegel at:  |  214.707.1873

Kansas and Nebraska Cowboy Dressage

Silver Lakes Cowboy Dressage Challenge Schooling Show Series
Norco, CA

  1. February 17
  2. May 19

Cowboy Dressage at Prado
Chino Hills, CA

  1. March 24
  2. June 9th


“Build It and They Will Come”

We are so pleased that we made Murieta Equestrian Center our home base here on the west coast. It is a first-class facility, clean and so well run. Each year we see new improvements, a 5 covered arena, new fabulous hotel and now new office buildings and café!

Thank you MEC for your constant desire to build the best Equestrian Facility possible. We at Cowboy Dressage World sure appreciate it!

New Show Fees for 2019

If you missed the last newsletter be sure to go to (scroll down) and get familiar with the new show fee schedule for playdays, schooling shows and gatherings. We feel this is a big boost and more affordable for those wishing to put on CDW events.

CDW Partner Garn Walker Returns to Texas

CDW Partner Garn Walker has moved and will be opening Garn Walker Stables in Bartonville, Texas. Garn will be becoming much more active in the Texas, KS, OK, NM areas. Please contact him for Cowboy Dressage clinics and lessons. 530.305.4341

Affordable Sound System

Here is an affordable sound system that many of you may find of use. It comes highly recommend. CDW has ordered one and we will let you know the results once we give it a try.


XIAOKOA 2.4G 40m Stable Wireless Voice Amplifier with Headset and Handheld 2 in 1 Wireless Microphone (N202black-2.4G)

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News from Cowboy Dressage World of Colorado

Cowboy Dressage World of Colorado hosted its first annual Year End Awards Banquet on January 19th. The Board members gave several presentations, including Secretary Abby Martin telling tales of her Adventures with Eitan, and Vice President Laura Cassiday giving a forward looking perspective on the year to come. Charter members were recognized for their continuing support of the organization and presented with a token of thanks. President Erin Long also announced the big news that CDWCO has achieved its 501(c)(3) status, and is now a charitable non-profit organization.

Year-end awards were given in the Partnership and Harmony divisions. The Partnership division rewards horse and rider pairs for their shared hard work in competition, while the Harmony division rewards members for their volunteerism and support of each other. The winners were as follows.

Youth Partnership

Champion: Avery Fails and King Hamurabi
Reserve Champion: Maggie Higgins and Fruzzy

Amateur Partnership

Champion: Stacey Ruel and Amante
Reserve Champion: Laura Cassiday and Bayou A Diamond

Open Partnership

Champion: Erin Long and Obsidian
Reserve Champion: Abby Martin and Buddy


Champion: Tiffany Brown
Reserve Champion: Esther Opp

News from Kick Start 2019

Kick Start 2019 Equine Educational Seminar

Theme: Versatility…developing a stronger relationship with cross training your horsea
Moscow, ID

Clinicians and Speakers

Dr. Jenni Grimmett: DVM, Clinician, Author
Nonny Largent: Trainer, Clinician, Judge
Davalee Minden: Trainer, Clinician, Judge
Dan Grimmett: Clinician, Comedian
Marcia Moore: Trainer, Clinician, Judge

Special Appearance: via video
Mitch and JoLinn Hoover:
Versatility Ranch Clinicians, Judge

We want to thank all our speakers, volunteers and guests that attended Kick Start 2019! What a great weekend! If you couldn’t attend, here is a peek of what you missed. Little did anyone know… Eitan himself was in the house!

Safety Tips by Lyn Ringrose-Moe

Cinch Check

All of us who ride know the danger of a loose cinch!  I often find myself forgetting to check my cinch before mounting up, so I devised a system to help me remember:  When I saddle my horse, the cinch is not snug, so I leave the latigo hanging down.  The latigo should never hang too low when down, as that can also be a safety hazard.  (Make sure you have enough wraps that if your latigo fell down from the keeper, the horse could not step on it).  Once I have snugged up my cinch, I then put it in my keeper and that tells me that I did check it (although I can always check again!) and it is snug enough for me to mount up.

Photo 1, Latigo hanging down – this tells me the cinch is not tight enough for riding.

Photo 2, Latigo done up in the keeper – this tells me I have checked the cinch and it is snug enough for me to mount up.

Stirrup Hobbles

I often see people riding in their western saddles with no stirrup hobbles.  A stirrup hobble is the small strap that fastens around your fender right above the stirrup.  Even though it’s a small strap, it has a very important function.  It is there to keep your stirrup from climbing up your fender if something unforeseen happens.  It is there to provide safety for the rider.  Please check any saddle before you mount up to make sure it has these small straps in place.

Photo 1 shows a stirrup with a stirrup hobble.  This is an important safety feature and should be on every fender above the stirrup, as pictured.

Photo 2 shows a stirrup with no hobble in the normal position

Photo 3 shows a stirrup with no stirrup hobble riding up the fender

Interval Work

Happy New Year to all of my Cowboy Dressage family!!

It is that time of year when we start to put our horses and ourselves back to work. My favorite and least stressful way of doing this is interval work.

Interval work is a method where you gradually increase the length of time you stay in one gait.

Here is my formula: 4 rides of 20 minutes at the walk

  • 4 rides of 2 minutes at the jog with 3 minutes of walk in between the jog sets
  • Increase to 2 additional minutes after every 4 rides until you achieve 4 jog sets with
  • 3 minutes of walk in between the jog sets
  • Increase to 2 additional minutes of lope every 4 rides until you achieve 4 lope sets
  • with 3 minutes of walk in between lope sets.

Start each ride with 20  minutes of walk to get you and your horse warmed up. Each ride should end with at least 15 minutes of walk on a loose rein.  All gaits should be forward. This exercise can be done in straight lines, circles, or, my favorite, figure 8’s.

When you have reached your goal of fitness, you and your horse are ready to do anything!!

Nonny Largent
CDWPA Clinician and Judge








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