Hello handshake members! Now that the thrilling year of 2016 is over, and we are excitedly filling our calendars with goals for 2017, let us all revisit the foundation of this Cowboy Dressage dream. Our handshake is how we were welcomed in the past and how we welcome the future, so let us all remember how we started. Please patiently read these words and appreciate their meaning.

With our handshake and our word we promise to:

~ continue to educate and teach as much as possible in all formats.

~ keep Cowboy Dressage simple and uncomplicated.

~ provide tests, rules and information to everyone who wishes to show

~ support and educate individuals outside the show ring who want to learn and improve as horsemen and -women.

~ strive to maintain Cowboy Dressage as a grassroots, community-focused movement.

~ ensure Cowboy Dressage is accessible to everyone regardless of their income or status within the horse world. Whether they show, trail ride, barrel race, cut, rein or just love horses, this will be a place they can hang their hats and be proud.

~ and most of all, to look for “the try” in you, the Cowboy Dressage World members.

With your handshake and your word, you pledge “to try” to:

~ become the person others can trust with a handshake and your word.

~ exemplify the Cowboy Dressage way of life and find the courage to chase your dreams.

~ not allow defeat when faced with setbacks in your life and your horsemanship.

~ treat all horses and people with integrity and kindness.

~ look for “the try” in your horses and always reward them.

~ look for “the try” in people as you travel down your horsemanship path.

With your handshake and word you become a member of Cowboy Dressage World. We Ride Together With You,

Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy, Lyn Ringrose Moe, and Garn Walker and the growing group of Recommended Cowboy Dressage World Professionals

If you have not taken the opportunity for this handshake, visit https://cowboydressageworld.com/membership-with-a-handshake/


I hope that reviewing the handshake agreement further invigorates our sense of community. This newsletter should help you find answers, make plans, take action, achieve goals, and help others to do the same. The information should instill confidence that you know what is happening in this discipline. Some of our members will kindly be sharing thoughts and stories. I encourage you to send your own stories, events, and ideas to be included in future newsletters. The next issue will be shared March 1, 2017.


Sara Uhalde



Take Note!
Eitan and Debbie have a new email address and a new mailing address.

Please note the changes. We want to be sure to keep in touch with you all.

New email: eitanndeb@gmail.com

New mailing address: 15416 Norvin Wy, Grass Valley, CA 95949


Cowboy Dressage was enjoyed around the world in 2016!

Throughout the United States of America there have been local group events, clinics, practice gatherings, Cowboy Dressage World Gatherings, educational events, Judges Boot Camps, and the especially exciting professionals clinics where a small group of Cowboy Dressage professionals get specific instruction from the founders to take home and share, with a great sense of continuity.

For all those that made the journey, the Cowboy Dressage World Finals of 2016 will not soon be forgotten. We enjoyed a full day of free education that included lectures, slide shows, and demos.

Lyn Ringrose-Moe and Garn Walker providing free education on rein management.

The partners more than held up their end of the Handshake Agreement and the Handshake Members showed up with “the try” they promised. We enjoyed more vendors than ever before and of course full days of tests thanks to our amazing judges. The freestyle exhibitors showed us wonderful horsemanship with music, choreography, rhythm, timing, fluidity, and costumes for added showmanship. The highlight of the week was of course Top Hand. After a whole day of impressive preliminary rides by open and amateur Members from around the world, everybody was on their toes anticipating the night of Top Hand Finals.

Our Amateur Top Hand Rider is Jill Plumb on handsome “Webber”. (Richard Horst Photography)

Our Open Top Hand Rider is Audrey Goldsmith on her stunning black mule “Porter”. (Richard Horst Photography)
Audrey rode Jennifer Purcell’s lovely “Griff” in the switch. (Richard Horst Photography)


The event was a blast, with particular thanks to the sponsors, and honored all ten of the talented finalists. Their impressive riding ability and inspiring horsemanship will keep the rest of us practicing at home until we watch, or maybe even participate in, Top Hand 2017!


Canada has also been a strong base for Cowboy Dressage. It is home to several dedicated CDWPA members who have been progressing their area’s education and performance. That level of dedication along with visits from Lyn Ringrose-Moe provided the tools for clinics, recognized gatherings, and a Judges Boot Camp.

Kim Repp Moats, Lyn Ringrose-Moe, & Hayley Chantelle Moats

The Handshake Members of Europe enjoyed, and were enjoyed by, Eitan & Debbie Beth-Halachmy, and Wyatt & Nadine Paxton. Wyatt and Eitan were very thorough in posting pictures and descriptions of their adventures and clinics in Germany, Austria, Poland, and the UK. Cowboy Dressage World would like to thank Victoria Pietkiewicz, Bina Sigl (who is a member of CDWPA and completed a Judges Boot Camp at Sliding J Ranch in California, U.S.A.), Lisa Bruin (a CDWPA ambassador), and Barbara Wagner for all their time and effort to make CD Tour of Europe a huge success. See videos on the CD European Tour at www.vimeo.com under Cowboy Dressage. Eitan made a great collage of video footage from each clinic. They are like a travel, food and horse documentary. Austria will be having its first recognized gathering, judged by Martina Bone, May 2017!

Eitan instructing a group

Wyatt Paxton with Sue Scott and “Splash”

“To say we had a brilliant weekend in Cambridgeshire with the Cowboy Dressage team is an understatement. We had the kind of weekend that dreams are made of…. “

Sue Scott

Australia got a lot done at the end of 2016! Thanks to their exemplary CDWPA members, Lyn Ringrose-Moe & John Moe and CDWPA judge and clinician Kim Repp-Moats & Don Moats were flown down. The Handshake Members of Australia enjoyed clinics, their first recognized gatherings, and a Judges Boot Camp! Cowboy Dressage sends special thank you to Kathy and Ken Faulkner, Belinda Gregson, and Nicole and Dave Russell for all of your help in organizing this trip.

Lyn Ringrose-Moe and Ken Faulkner during a demo


What’s to come in 2017?

An adjustment to Top Hand, the Walk/Walk Division, more new tests, and lots of fun!

Top Hand 2017

The Qualifying Test will still be Walk, Jog, Lope Challenge 2. It will be open to Open and Amateurs riders as one division.

(no added amateur division in 2017)

The Walk/Walk Division

Cowboy Dressage Challenge Walk/Walk Test # 1

Watch for complete tests, scoresheets and callsheets soon!




Walk Jog Lope Test #7, introduces shoulder-in. Here is some insight on the exercise, from Eitan.


The Shoulder-In is the Vitamin B (balance) for horses.

Cowboys used this suppling exercise for long time without knowing that someone already named it.
“In the seventeenth century, Antoine de Pluvinel used the basic shoulder-in exercise to increase the horse’s suppleness and to get the animal used to the aids, especially the leg aids. He felt the exercise helped to make the horse obedient. Independently, the Duke of Newcastle developed the exercise. In the eighteenth century, the French riding master Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere adapted the movement for use on straight lines.”

In the shoulder-in, the shoulder of the horse is brought to the inside, creating a 30-degree-angle with the rail, with the neck bent only the slightest amount, only softening in the jaw so that the corner of the eye is visible to the rider. The horse’s hind legs track straight forward along the line of travel while the front legs move laterally, with the inside foreleg crossing in front of the outside foreleg and the inside hind hoof tracking into or beyond the hoof print made by the outside foreleg. The shoulder-in can be performed at any forward gait.

A young horse is first introduced to the movement when coming out of a corner or a circle on which the horse is already correctly bent, from nose to tail, along the arc of the corner or circle, as it is usually easier to maintain bend than to establish it from a straight line.

Going left at the walk or jog, ride a 10-meter circle in the corner
Q – H to set up for the shoulder-in bend on the long side H to E.

The rider is positioned on the horse in a manner similar to riding a circle or corner, with the shoulders aligned to mirror the angle of the horse’s shoulders, while the rider’s hips and legs mirror the position of the horse’s hind legs. Thus, as the circle becomes the shoulder-in, the rider’s shoulders are turned to the inside, while his/her hips remain “straight” on the track. The rider uses the inside leg at the girth to maintain the bend and encourage the horse to step under its body with its inside hind leg, while the rider’s outside leg prevents the horse’s haunches from swinging out. While the inside rein is used to create the bend, the outside rein steadies the horse and helps maintain the correct bend. The rider’s back and position in the saddle shift toward the horse’s outside shoulder in order to restrain the horse from moving off the track, maintaining movement along the track.

Reaching the long side, continue shoulder-in. The inside hand guides your horse’s forehand to the inside; the outside hand limits the bend and keeps the right shoulder from falling out. The inside leg lies close to the girth to maintain the bend and drives your horse’s inside hind leg forward; the outside leg helps hold the bend. If the haunches are swinging out, move the outside leg slightly behind the girth. Lightly weight the inside and ride forward for few steps.

Shoulder in left (3 track) – Bend left, inside shoulder back and outside shoulder forward. The inside front leg (green) is on the first track. The outside front and the inside hind (red) on the second track. The outside hind (green) is on the third track.


Words from Deb and 8

A Story of Wisdom

Lisa Thompson, Vicky Bass, Sheila Varian, and Audrey Griffin. (Tru Heart Photography)

Horsemen and Horsewomen come in all kinds of packages. There are those that can ride beautifully and have deep comprehension of what a horse is and how to educate it but do not have the equal ability to teach what they know to others.

Others may be excellent teachers with enormous knowledge but not so excellent when it comes to the actual riding part.

Then there are those that are exceptional and gifted, they can ride it, talk it and teach it clearly to both horses and humans. You would think that they are part horse and often times they think they are actually part horse too.

All can have the ability to inspire and perhaps that is one of most important of all qualities. I said one of the most important and depending on what side of the fence you sit on, Wisdom may be number one. That Wisdom comes with age and experience. It has a “history.”

Sheila Varian was one of those gifted horsewomen who could do it all. She was one of the wisest people Eitan and I had the privilege to know. It was an honor to know Sheila Varian.

In this first newsletter I wish to share a story about Sheila that is so “Cowboy Dressage.” It sums up so much of what we are trying to accomplish in a tough equestrian society.

In 2013 Cowboy Dressage World had their first Gathering and Finals. Shelia believed in what Eitan was doing and was kind enough to participate in our first event. Not only did she participate but 4 of her friends did so as well. All 5 ladies were accomplished horsewomen. Two of this group were in the Cow Girl Hall of Fame. Quite an honor.

Sheila asked me to fill out their entries for them and she would collect the fees. I asked Sheila who were professionals and who were amateurs. She replied that at this time they were all amateurs but to sign them up for Open Tests. I was kind of shocked and asked if she was sure that is what they wanted. Her reply was classic Sheila. They may be amateurs but they ride as good as any pro so put them in the competition group that they ride. To Sheila it was not about if they got paid or not for their horsemanship that determined their status. It was their knowledge and ability that determined what division they should ride. Sheila was wise, very, very wise.

In today’s competition and even in Cowboy Dressage this would be a hard way to manage the riding status of everyone. It is wonderful in theory and for that particular show and situation it was great.

The message here is not about making a change in our rules but about the integrity of the choices we make. Sheila made a choice not because of a rule but because she felt it was the right thing to do. It took some guts but Sheila was never short on that.

You can pick up a book, take a lesson, use the internet and get all kinds of education about horsemanship but listen to the words of the wise and absorb their wisdom. You can take the hard knocks yourself or listen closely to the wisdom of others and learn from their mistakes so that you will make fewer of your own.

Happy Trails,

Deb and 8

New email: eitanndeb@gmail.com

New mailing address: 15416 Norvin Wy, Grass Valley, CA 95949

Photo by Blue Fountain Farm Photography: Eitan & Debbie

A new Cowboy Dressage book is in the making

Jenni and “Chico”


The book is going to be a must have arena side companion for anyone serious about mastering the art of Cowboy Dressage. It will go into detail (probably too much!!!!) on how 8 builds bend and softness in his horses with diagrams and pictures galore. I’m really excited about it! I don’t believe it will be available until 2018 as this is going to be the type of project that culminates the life work of a master. It’s going to take some time to get it down on paper.

Jenni Grimmett. DVM

Follow Jenni’s blog http://cowboydressage.blogspot.com/

Here’s what some Handshake Members will be up to for the next few months. Contact them to get involved!

Jan 8, Feb 12, March 12, 2017 Ontario, Canada Horseless Educational Workshop Series


Jan 8 & 29, Feb 12 & 26, Mar 5 & 19, California, USA, Clinics by Susan Dockter


January 8, February 12, & March 5, Washington, USA, Eagle Mountain Ranch multi-disciplined schooling shows


January 13-15, Florida, USA, Cowboy Dressage with Garn Walker

http://www.floridamorgans.com/ Contact – Pat West (352)732-7392 patwest@me.com

January 13-15, Kansas, USA, Cowboy Dressage Judging Bootcamp by Lyn Ringrose-Moe

Jan 14 Year End Rewards

https://www.facebook.com/events/868544603281505/ http://www.kansascowboydressage.com/events.htm

Jan 15, California, USA, Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Sherrill Shotigian

Jan 16, California, USA, Cowboy Dressage private lessons

https://summerwindranch.net/ (916) 402-8550

Jan 15, Feb18, Mar 18, Cottonwood, CA, USA, Clinics by Wy-Not Cowboy Dressage

Jan 22, Feb 19, Mar 12, Chico, California, USA


Jan 16-20, Jan 30-Feb 3, Feb 8-12, March 1-5, March 13-17, California, USA, Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship with Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy


January 21-22, California, USA, Lyn Ringrose-Moe Cowboy Dressage http://rawkinghorseranch.com/event/lyn-jan-2017/

January 25, UK, Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Lisa Bruin


February 4-5, California, USA, Winter Cowboy Dressage World Gathering (PLEASE CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING)



February 2017, Tennessee, USA, Southern Equine Expo, Reining, Cowboy Dressage, and Ranch Riding with Craig Johnson


February 7-9, California, USA Cowboy Dressage™ Boot Camp by Lyn Ringrose-Moe


Feb 16-19, Canada, Saskatchewan Equine Expo Cowboy Dressage Musical Freestyle Demonstration


February 17-19, Brisbane Australia, Mandy Probyn’s Equine Connection & Cowboy Dressage


February 18-19, Arizona, USA, MM Training and Consulting Cowboy Dressage Clinic


February 25, Queensland, Australia, Cowboy Dressage Fun Day and Mini Clinic by Mandy Probyn’s Equine Connection


Feb 24-26, Kansas, USA, Equifest of Kansas


February 27, UK, Horsemanship and Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Lisa Bruin


March 7th, Colorado, USA, CD Fun Show at the RMHE Show Manager: Leslie Sutherland

March 8th, CD Recognized Show at the RMHE

March 10-12, Rocky Mountain Horse Expo with Lyn Ringrose-Moe

http:// cowboydressageofcolorado.com

March 18-19, L&B Ranch Germany, Cowboy Dressage with Lisa Bruin


March 19-20, New York, USA, Cowboy Dressage Demo with Jeff Wilson


March 24-25, Australia, Cowboy Dressage with Ken Faulkner



March 25-26, Salzburg / Austria, Europe, Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Sabina Sigl

Contact: sabina.sigl@horsefeel.at Phone. +43 664 762 3838

March 31- April 2, Indiana, USA, Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo, Eitan Beth-Halachmy

April 21-23 Red Deer, Alberta, Canada The Mane Event, Garn Walker

May 26-28 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
info@maneeventexpo.com 844-578-7518

May 5-7 Texas, USA, Festival Magnifico, Cowboy Dressage with Jack Brainard


June 23-24, California, USA, Murieta Equestrian Center CDW Gathering



Interested in Volunteering?

In order for a gathering to thrive there must be plenty of volunteers. From setting up the court to calculating scores, there is something for everybody! To all of you who have volunteered, thank you! To all of you riding, thank your volunteers. When you are interested in volunteering contact the event manager as soon as possible, they may direct you to a volunteer manager.

Here Are Your Cowboy Dressage Online Resources,


Cowboy Dressage World Professionals Association


CDW will require all Cowboy Dressage professionals to be members of the CDWPA by January 1, 2017. This will allow Cowboy Dressage professionals to use the term Cowboy Dressage. It ensures that people looking for help will have a way to find the recommended and therefore reliable person closest to them, whether it be a professional, clinician, judge, or ambassador. This is also where you begin your journey as a recommended professional or judge.


Cowboy Dressage World


The hub of Cowboy Dressage World information, here you will find history, blog links, direction, tests, call sheets, the complete updated copy of the rules and guidelines, all of our sponsors, as well as upcoming CDW recognized events. This is also the authority to go through to label a group or event with Cowboy Dressage. You are welcome to post and find events on the calendar here, click on events. As of December 2016, there is a slight glitch with the calendar so please be patient and if necessary try posting later. Thank you for your patience.


Cowboy Dressage


Visit this page to see what’s going on with Eitan, buy educational materials and court supplies, and find great information and links to other sites.

Cowboy Dressage on Facebook


There are dozens of pages and groups dedicated to Cowboy Dressage on Facebook. Here is one to get you started.


Our next news letter will be out in March. Advertising will be available and CD Horse and Tack sales will be offered. CDWPA members will receive a discount. Stay tuned for details and pricing. This newsletter goes out to over 8,000 people and growing.

All newsletters will be archived on www.cowboydressageworld.com for viewing.

The CDWPA website will be going under construction so that it can better serve it’s members.


Here are some Handshake Members who want to share their stories with you…

Cowboy Dressage and Lesley Deutsch return to Scotland


Last May, I traveled to Scotland to photograph my niece’s wedding in Edinburgh – at least that was the original reason for the trip. As I was planning my trip, I asked myself, “How can I travel all the way across the pond, and not do something equine related?” So, I came up with the idea of giving a Cowboy Dressage clinic while I was there. I got the “go ahead” from Eitan and Debbie, then I had to figure out where to do it – you see, I’d never been to Scotland, so the only people I knew there were my niece’s (and they are not at all interested in anything equine). So, I googled “Western Riding in Scotland”, and ultimately got in contact with a wonderful gal, Annie Haresign. She, in turn, got in touch with Brandon McAuslan of The Meadows Livery in St Andrews, and he was kind enough to be open to hosting a clinic at his stable.

Well, the clinic day turned out to be a beautiful day, and Annie and Brandon both organized a fun and well run clinic. All the participants (and auditors) were eager to learn about this new thing called Cowboy Dressage and the soft feel that goes along with it. After we were done, everyone was eager for more, and I was asked if I would return for more clinics. I was happy to say that yes, I would love to return.

When I told everyone in Scotland that I would love to return for more clinics, I truly had no idea that I would be making a drastic change in my life and opening myself up to a brand new “Big Adventure”……… I am actually moving there! And, I have to say, Cowboy Dressage is a big part of what is allowing me to do this. You see, I have ridden, competed, taught and trained in both Grand Prix Jumping and Dressage, and I can still teach those disciplines – but so can a lot of other people in Scotland. However, when I move to Scotland, I will be the only person who has done the same things in Cowboy Dressage, and I will be the only Certified Level Three Clinician living there. This really opens up a whole new clientele for me, those people who are interested in following the teachings of Cowboy Dressage – and, trust me – it is catching fire in Scotland just like it is in other countries around the world.

At this point in time I am scheduled to do two clinics in May of 2017. I will be returning to Brandon’s The Meadows Livery, and also going to Summerhill Stud, run by Doreen Allison. Jane Bury, of Friarshawmuir, is also looking into putting on a clinic near her. I will then return to California, where I will put the final touches on turning Blue Fountain Farm over to it’s new managers and trainers, and will then be moving to Scotland in the middle of the summer.

Cowboy Dressage has a bright future in Scotland, and I am happy and proud to be a part of teaching the soft feel and all that Cowboy Dressage encompasses to everyone who is interested in participating in it. I am really looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

Lesley Deutsch

17761 Grizzly Bear Dr
Grass Valley, CA 95949 www.bluefountainfarm.com (Ranch Site)
www.bluefountainphotography.smugmug.com (Photo site)

A Discipline of Kindness

Meghan Riddell and “Reba”

June 24, 2016 Day 1 of the Cowboy Dressage World Gathering at Rancho Murieta Equestrian Center and I could not be more proud of this 4 year old. The day started terrible, Reba wouldn’t even walk into the Challenge court. She balked, she froze up, and would not go forward. The judge rang her bell signaling me to stop my test, and asked me if I would like to use my time slot to school Reba. Even that was unsuccessful.

I am amazed and blessed to have entered a discipline that cares more about horsemanship than all else. A stranger to me (Leeanne Lloyd Mattos), walked into the court and asked if it would help if she just walked along side me through the test so that Reba would be more comfortable. We walked the entire test, and I could feel my horse relax. When we came back for our second class Reba was comfortable and confident. We made it through the whole second test without any balking or arguing. We owned it.

The judge (Susan Dockter) and all the riders in the arena were so kind, encouraging and helpful. There is no better feeling than being able to successfully communicate with your horse and get a job done in a manner that leaves both rider and horse happy.

Meghan Riddell

Why I like Cowboy Dressage

Sharon and “Sassy”

As I feel a little bit passionate about this newer discipline in the world of horses I thought I would share some of my reasons why. First a little bit of my background with horses. I started riding when I was six with no particular “education” other than your basic hold on and go. As kids we rode a welsh pony belonging to my aunt and uncle who rodeoed, Aunt Carolyn being the state barrel racing champ a few times and Uncle Art roping and steer wrestling. As Aunt Carolyn progressed and grew in her equine endeavors I was able to attend some of her horsemanship schooling when I was older. I did some showing at local open shows and local AQHA shows (some which were held at our own place). My areas of expertise were your typical rail and halter classes. So fast forward a few decades. Pleasure classes changed, I own old fashioned quarter horses, not peanut pushers, my riding skills are not honed enough to venture into reining or cutting not counting my bank account is not nearly big enough! I enjoy competition, so where do you go? One day I happened across an article about western dressage, made some inquiries which then lead me to a cowboy dressage clinic! Wallah! We had a match. I attended the clinic and made a connection with the president of WCD, found out she lived fairly close by and took some lessons. I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about being a good horseman, especially after 40+ years in the saddle. My riding skills are ten times better than they ever were and I can continue to track my progress through attending gatherings (shows). Here is a discipline that I can showcase my abilities as a moderately skilled rider with a fairly well trained horse and feel fairly successful. Best thing is with each test that I ride I get the judges scoresheet. I not only know exactly what I scored but I get the judges feedback including positive comments. This gives me something tangible that I can look at, go home and practice on. For anyone who has ever shown, I can think of nothing more frustrating than to think you had a pretty nice ride to not even place and not know why.

Another benefit is I can take my new skills and apply them to my other horses who have not been trained and get awesome results because we are talking the same language now.

As if all of this isn’t enough to be excited about, I think the best part is the new circle of friends I have acquired. I have never experienced a group that is so supportive, helpful, friendly, fun and just gosh darn nice. These are people who help you out when needed, loan you tack, hold your horse, switch ride times if needed, cheer you on and truly be excited for you when you have a good ride, and on and on…

So if you are sitting out there feeling like you would like to do something at all or just something different I strongly urge you to come audit a clinic, watch at a gathering or find someone you can hang around with who also loves this sport. But be careful, it’s a little bit contagious!

Sharon Clark

The Passion Has Ignited in Manitoba, Canada

Babs and “Eddie”

It’s been almost two years since Cowboy Dressage was introduced to Manitoba, Canada. After seeing Eitan give two clinics in the neighboring province of Saskatchewan, I knew this was something we wanted in OUR province…something that was NEEDED in our province! And at the time, Cowboy Dressage had not taken hold here.

Being fairly new to the horse world and how things are done, I struggled with how I could make this happen. So I held a meeting to form a club thinking that a club was the only way to get this started. A few folks showed up and it kind of started the ball rolling.

It was only after discovering that a club was not necessarily required to bring Cowboy Dressage to Manitoba, I stepped away from all the politics/rules/regulations and set about promoting this wonderful discipline, this wonderful way of life in my own way. I realized (and was told by some) that many people didn’t want to obligate themselves unless there were no strings attached, no fees or commitments. I took that into consideration and suggested that perhaps CD was exactly what they were looking for. After explaining that all that was needed to become a member of this community was the Hand Shake, an understanding and willingness to abide by the Mission and Vision set out by CD, well, things took on a life of their own. It didn’t take long until those as passionate as I was about CD joined me on my journey and we haven’t looked back!

This past year I advanced in the Cowboy Dressage World by becoming a member of the Cowboy Dressage World Professional Association as an Ambassador. In my role as Ambassador, I made sure to stay up to date with all things Cowboy Dressage and attended as many clinics and shows as I could including the CD Judge’s Boot Camp given by Lyn Ringrose-Moe that took place in Moose Jaw, SK. In addition, I managed to intern under Saskatchewan’s Clinician/Judge Kim Repp-Moats and Clinician Jody Lyn Busch to further my education on Cowboy Dressage and GOOD horsemanship. I feel that I just can’t seem to get enough of the learning, whether it’s auditing or taking part in clinics or devouring everything CD related that is available! Of course there is nothing like learning from the best of the best! That is why becoming a member of the CDWPA is so important! That way people know they are getting the TRUE Cowboy Dressage!

The 2017 Cowboy Dressage season is going to be huge here in Manitoba with clinics, monthly information sessions, play days, shows and even more clinics on the menu. It is just the beginning as Manitoba is coming alive with Cowboy Dressage fever and I am so happy and proud to be part of that fire that has ignited here up north! Of course with living close to the Saskatchewan border, I will continue to make my way to meet up with my CD family out there and support them by attending as many CD events/shows/clinics they are putting on…and that time will allow! They are a wonderful group of people!

I’m looking forward to what my future will bring as I make my way to a better level of horsemanship and personal growth, that is being developed and enriched by my involvement with… and love for Cowboy Dressage. It will be a challenge but as with all things in life, one must see these challenges as fuel…fuel to fire up one’s passion!
So I tell people…”Cowboy Dressage? JUST ASK ME!”
Babs Hamilton

Thank you for Reading

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. Here is a little bit about me. I grew up in Northern California loving horses, really all animals. I rode whenever someone would let me on their horse. I was able to be around several great horses and nice people in all that time. February 2015 I complimented a friendly woman on her horses and asked for advice on buying tack. She was on her client’s beautiful paint gelding and made several laps around the arena visiting with me before inviting me to audit her Cowboy Dressage Clinic in a couple weeks. Thank goodness I got that day off work and got myself out there. I was taking notes, moving poles and cones, running to trailers for pieces of tack, and having a ton of fun. That was a Wy-Not Cowboy Dressage Clinic and I have not stopped since that day. I do my best to be helpful at the Wy-Not clinics, spend several amazing days of the week learning from Nonny in her diverse training business, and assisting Nonny and her clients at recognized gatherings, or volunteering at them. I am also filling my application to be a recommended judge and have gotten to spend time learning from the partners and CDWPA members.

I love to learn and I love to help others. Do you have something to teach or share? I will watch, listen, and try. Are you in need? I will try for you, to help you find the answers that bring you closer to your goals. These newsletters will be bi-monthly, which means the next issue will be shared March 1, 2017. It will include highlights of the February Cowboy Dressage World Gathering, a list of events for the following three months, and more information you will want or need to know about Cowboy Dressage.

I hope to see you in 2017,

Sara Uhalde


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