2017 Cowboy Dressage Gathering and Finals Results

Volunteer Raffle
Reserve Champion
Walk/Jog Youth Ribbon- Cassidy Mueller Ribbon&Buckle- Halle Von Ilten
Adult Amateur Ribbon – Chrisinda Grant Ribbon&Buckle- Debra McCarthy
Open Ribbon- Davalee Minden Ribbon&Buckle- Marcia Moore Harrison
Walk/Jog/Lope Youth Ribbon- Cassidy Mueller Ribbon&Buckle- Joy Wilcox
(Six Classes) Adult Amateur Ribbon- Suzette Moretini Ribbon&Buckle- Cami Etchell
Open Ribbon- Susan Dockter Ribbon&Buckle- Rebecca Wirth
Challenge Youth Ribbon- Joy Wilcox Ribbon&Buckle- Avril O’Neil
(Six Classes) Adult Amateur Ribbon- Cathy Felter Ribbon&Buckle- Peggy Murrin
Open Ribbon- Kellie Shields Ribbon&Buckle- Krista Koenig
Vaquero Youth Ribbon- n/a Ribbon&Buckle- Luke Souza
(Six Classes) Adult Amateur Ribbon- JoAnn Gillespie Ribbon&Buckle- Trudy Lowery
Open Ribbon- Phil Monaghan Ribbon&Buckle- Krista Koenig
Gaited Youth Ribbon- n/a Ribbon&Buckle- n/a
(Six Classes) Adult Amateur Ribbon- Robin Black Ribbon&Buckle- Kris Herman-Jones
Open Ribbon- n/a Ribbon&Buckle- Shelly Osada
Freestyle Youth Ribbon- n/a Ribbon&Buckle- n/a
(Two Classes) Adult Amateur Ribbon- Patti White Ribbon&Buckle- Jill Plumb
Open Ribbon- Jenni Grimmett Ribbon&Buckle- Rebecca Wirth
Partnership Gd/US Youth Ribbon- Destiny Otoupalik Ribbon&Buckle- Avril O’Neil
(Three Classes) Adult Amateur Ribbon- Linda Simpson Ribbon&Buckle- Jean Rhodes
Open Ribbon- n/a Ribbon&Buckle- Claire Crist
Soft Feel:
Walk/Jog Soft Feel Ribbon- Chrisinda Grant Ribbon&Buckle- Rus Partee
Walk/Jog/Lope Soft Feel Ribbon- Susan Dockter Ribbon&Buckle- Camy Etchell
Challenge Soft Feel Ribbon- Lynn Ringrose-Moe Ribbon&Buckle- Jill Plumb
Vaquero Soft Feel Ribbon- Cece Baldwin Ribbon&Buckle- Trudy Lowery
Gaited Soft Feel Ribbon- Kris Herman-Jones Ribbon&Buckle- Shelly Osada
Silver Soft Feel Ribbon- Patti White Ribbon&Buckle- Ann Borden
Partnership Gd/US Soft Feel Y Ribbon- Destiny Otoupauk Ribbon&Buckle- Avril O’Neil
Partnership Gd/US Soft Feel AA Ribbon- Jean Rhodes Ribbon&Buckle- Rus Partee
Partnership Gd/US Soft Feel O Ribbon- Barbara Dunn Ribbon&Buckle- Clair Crist
Judge’s Try Award Nonny Largent Ribbon & CD Halter Joanna Hender
Jill Von Ilten Ribbon & CD Halter Alicia Dayton
Heather Lekan Ribbon & CD Halter Susan Atkinson
Lynn McEnespy Ribbon & CD Halter Debbie Miller
Sheryl Strathman Ribbon & CD Halter Tammy Napier
Honorary High Score Silver AA Ribbon- Trudy Lowery Ribbon&Buckle- Jean Rhodes
Silver Open Ribbon- Shelly Osada Ribbon&Buckle- Rebecca Wirth
Cancer n/a Ribbon&Mohair girth-McKenzie Teel
Veteran n/a Ribbon&Mohair girth-Marcia Moore Harrison
NOT HI SCORE!!! CDWPA hi pt Ribbon – Marcia Moore-Harrison Ribbon&Statue – Camy Etchell
Rider Div High Score Youth Ribbon – Cassidy Mueller Ribbon&Headstall- Halle Von Ilten
Adult Amateur Ribbon – Jean Rhodes Ribbon&Headstall – Camy Etchell
Open Ribbon- Rebecca Wirth Ribbon&Custom Hell Hat – Marcia Moore-Harrison
Volunteer of the year Thallya  
Honorary Guest Ken Faulkner  
Overall High Point 2 Youth Ribbon&Silver Bracelet Halle Von Ilton
1 Youth Ribbon&Custom Chinks Joy Wilcox
5 Open  /AA Ribbon&Stable Sheet Rebecca Wirth
4 Open  /AA Ribbon&CSI Saddle Pad Susan Dockter
3 Open /AA Ribbon&Full Hacamore/Breast Collar Camy Etchel
2 Open  /AA Ribbon&Custom Chinks Trudy Lowrey
1 Open /AA Ribbon&Saddle  Marcia Moore-Harrison