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CDWPA Coordinator
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What is the Cowboy Dressage World Professional Association?


The Cowboy Dressage® World Professional Association evaluates, manages, educates and, when deemed appropriate, officially “Recommends” Judges and Clinician-Educators on behalf of the official Cowboy Dressage® World organization.

Individuals may apply for membership in the Professional Association and seek to be officially “Recommended” as a Cowboy Dressage® Judge and/or Clinician/Educator (Levels 1 to 3).  Achieving official “Recommendation” will afford you a number of perks and privileges, reserved specifically and solely for qualified professionals.

Cowboy Dressage World is working toward the goal of training, supporting and maintaining judges, clinicians-educators of the highest quality and professionalism. Our professionals will be the strongest of front lines to spread the Cowboy Dressage mission to the world.

Each recommended member of CDWPA has completed the requirements of their division and has received the approval and support of Cowboy Dressage World partners. Please feel confident choosing one of our recommended professionals for your next Cowboy Dressage event.

Cowboy Dressage World Professionals (CDWPA)

(Clinicians, Trainers, Instructors) Please Take Note

Cowboy Dressage Professionals who wish to be approved and recognized by Cowboy Dressage World must be current members in good standing with the Cowboy Dressage World Professional Association or CDWPA.

Definitions for CDW Professionals

How to Join CDWPA

Judges Actual Scoresheets (front & back)

Cowboy Dressage® Judges Hand Book (Judges Diagrams) in PDF Format