Volunteers. You are the wind beneath our wings!!!

Angela Sisk Gentry
Volunteer and Silent Auction Coordinator
(208) 659-7323
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Set up and take down courts (including Challenge Court obstacles). Will have early arrival and later departure times. Make sure sound system is ready to go. Call books out. Manure bucket and fork set out. Mounting block set out. Clock up. Chair for gate person. Judge’s table with 2 chairs and table cover. Banners (check with Partners about which banners to go hang). Assist with reloading cargo trailer.


Sits next to judge and writes down comments and scores that come from Judge in a timely manner and in legible handwriting (return supplies to office at the end of day). Best to get some education from an experienced scribe or judge before taking on the task. Must be experienced for Finals.

Gate Person*:

Manage gate by keeping two horses on deck in the court warm up area. They must stay behind A. Be sure riders in holding area are ready to ride at scheduled times. Communicate any time changes, scratches, etc. with judge. Adjust Challenge Court obstacles as needed. Clean up manure in court area. Gather clock, call book and CDW sound system and return to office at the end of day.


Pick up completed tests from scribes in a timely manner from courts. Deliver to office for tabulation. *Arrival time is 30 minutes prior to assigned work time. Volunteers will check in at Show Office to sign release forms, receive food voucher and other needed information.  In case of cancellation please try to fill your time slot.


  • Each volunteer will receive a voucher (Volunteer Bucks) at the end of their volunteer shift for the show.
  • The voucher will be signed and dated by show secretary.
  • Vouchers have no cash value and my not be redeemed for cash.
  • Volunteer Bucks are received from the 3 shows produced by Cowboy Dressage World: Spring, Summer, and
    Finals only.
  • This program can be adopted by other Shows but Volunteer Bucks are not interchangeable between those shows and the 3 produced by CDW.
  • Vouchers are good for one year from date received.
  • Vouchers can be given for use to another exhibitor only if volunteer does not show.
  • Vouchers may be used for show entries (tests) only. No stalling, office or drug fee, bedding, feed, covid fee or
    late entry fees. They cannot be used at Venue Cafe.
  • Vouchers are not replaceable if lost.
  • Volunteers who volunteer 4-8 hours per day will get a $10 food voucher good at the Venue Cafe.
  • Food vouchers are not transferable and have no cash value.

Credit for Volunteer Bucks as follows:

  • For every 4 hours worked = $20 credit for scribes, runners and gate persons.
  • Courts and Banners: 2 hours for court set up (before show starts) = $10 credit. Court take down at end of show = $10 credit.