“Like the working Cowboy the Remuda is the lifeblood of Cowboy Dressage”
The Handshake Membership is still our core and is welcoming to all. It will always remain.

Year End High Point Awards

Included with Memberships at all levels will be a year-end high point rider’s award. This is to be calculated by accumulated points during the calendar year.

Each member will be able to choose one division, example walk/jog, walk, jog, lope etc. with their membership for year end high point.
This must be the same horse and rider combination throughout the year.
Horses may be substituted with a vet excuse.
Each additional division is an additional $30.00 per year, and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE.

Each Life Membership will receive a one-time Cowboy Dressage World Buckle in appreciation for their lifetime commitment to Cowboy Dressage.

CDW Remuda Membership

Membership is valid from Jan 1 to Dec 31 of each year.

Please Click on the Membership Level below that you wish to join.