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We have always felt that it takes courage to live your dreams. It is the goal of Cowboy Dressage World to help make your dreams a reality. Horsemanship is an arduous journey. A good relationship with a horse is an endless endeavor. There are highs and lows, frustration and joy, disappointment and achievement. Horses can stir all our deepest emotions. They heighten our senses and test our patience and knowledge. They can bring us peace and safe haven. Horses call to us and for many the call penetrates to the depth of our very being. Cowboy Dressage World wants you to experience it all. Open your heart and mind and let’s saddle up and ride!

Eitan, Debbie, Garn, and Lyn

Eitan Beth-Halachmy & Lyn Ringrose-Moe
would like to invite you to the

“Retreat & Super Clinic”

held on April 17th-19th 2020
at David Ellis’s Ranch in Porterville, California.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with the best clinicians in Cowboy Dressage.
Meet some amazing people and learn so much about the fundamentals of the sport.

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Cowboy Dressage World is a community, and we could not succeed without the support from our advisors, volunteers and sponsors.

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The Rules are an educational tool which highlights include Competition Objectives, Appointments and Equipment, Attire, Judging Guidelines, and Much More, – all of which lend to a progressive learning and training program.

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