Required after sign up:

After you sign up, be sure to email Sheryl Strathman Email:

  1. Your FULL Contact information as you want it to appear in the directory on the website. (CDWPA in subject line)
  2. A photo for your Facebook profile.
  3. Friend Sheryl Strathman on Facebook so she can add you to the CDWPA private page.

Sheryl Strathman
4545 SW Indian Hills rd.
Topeka KS 66610

Proof of Insurance emailed to Donna Muniz at

CDW as Additional Insured address:
Cowboy Dressage World, LLC
c/o Lyn Ringrose Moe. P.O. Box 207 Clements, CA 95227

If you are having a technical issue with the membership, contact Donna Muniz Here.


Collect ALL DOCUMENTS on Paper or in electronic form (PDF or JPG), depending on the method you choose to submit them.

  1. Show proof of liability Insurance (must provide a current proof of insurance at renewal)
  2. Volunteer 16 hours
  3. Intern 16 hours with Level 3 Professional or Partner.
  4. Mentor 16 hours a member, or ambassador.
  5. Attend 16-hours of Cowboy Dressage® clinic sessions (ride or audit) with Lyn Ringrose-Moe, Garn Walker or Eitan Beth-Halachmy.
  6. Ride any* WJL2 or higher or coach a minimum of 3 students riding any* WJL2 or higher with a score of 74 or higher. (Provide a signed hard copy for records).*** This would Include Vaquero/Challenge W/J/L #1 and #2.  This test score must be acquired at a Recommended Cowboy Dressage gathering, a schooling show after 4/1/2018 or by video review through CDWPA.  Only scores received from Cowboy Dressage Recommended Judges will qualify.
  7. Pay for your Clinician Level 2 Annual Fee.
    Make sure you send your full contact information by email so we can add you to our Directory

Clicking the link below, you will be able to download and/or print the application needed for your Clinician submission.

CDW Professional Application

After carefully reviewing and preparing the documents in the list above, click on the
WAYS TO SUBMIT link below.

<  Ways to Submit Your Documentation  >


Due upon Recommendation

Annual fee of $200
(Memberships run from January 1 to December 31)

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Please submit all of your paperwork before sign up.



*     = Any Challenge, Vaquero or Standard Cowboy Dressage Test or equal value excluding partnership tests.

**   = Alternate method; sign-in to a live video feed of clinic of equal level or higher.

*** = Alternate method; provide a video/ CD/ via internet of a equal CD Test for review by Cowboy Dressage Judges of CDWPA.

(P) = Member on probation


To “mentor”; to teach, give advice or guidance to a CDWPA professional in good standing.

To “Intern”;  to be a student who worked for a period of time with CDWPA professional in good standing, to gain experience and knowledge of Cowboy Dressage’s practices, principles and lifestyle.

To “coach”; to teach, instruct or train a student/client

“Partner”: is a Core member of Cowboy Dressage World and shall be considered the highest Level of professional for mentoring.

A “clinic”; is a clinic event instructed by a CDWPA professional/partner being in good standing.

“In good standing”; to pay any/all fees dues/fees to CDWPA, complete all required documentation in a timely manner and be actively participating in Cowboy Dressage events, Expos, clinics and/or play days.

To “volunteer”; is limited to Cowboy Dressage Play Days, Clinics, Gatherings, to participate as CDWPA board member or in Expo booths &/or demos, or similar.