Call on Kevin, Thoroughbred ex-racehorse


My name is Sally Wilmot. I live in Queensland Australia and do Cowboy Dressage with Mandy Probyn (she taught me all I know 😊)

I have a thoroughbred ex-racehorse named, Call on Kevin or Kevin around the stables. He is a very big boy who has been training in Cowboy Dressage for the last couple of years. We were lucky enough to be able to attend out first show in October 2020 (usually I help out Mandy and don’t get to compete). We came away with the Champion Amateur Buckle and the soft feel award. It was absolutely the best moment as I got Kevin straight off the track after he finished racing and he hasn’t been the easiest horse. 

He had 46 starts and was good racehorse but he is definitely a fantastic Cowboy Dressage horse. We have a great partnership now and I think this shows in our tests. He always try’s his heart out for me and has a great work ethic. I love him very much and he is a great partner.  I can’t wait to continue our journey and to keep progressing.

The Cowboy dressage community is so special not only to the people but the horses as well. 

I would love for you to feature Kevin and tell his story as it shows any horse can do Cowboy Dressage and do it well. 😃

Kind Regards