Cowboy Dressage World is very excited to announce a new and highly educational program for our exhibitors at this year’s Gathering and Finals.

If you have ever attended a Cowboy Dressage World Power Clinic you know how very special they are. Below is a description of the Power Clinics and how they will be offered at the 2017 Gathering and Finals held Sept 5-10 at Murieta Equestrain Center, Rancho Murieta, CA
Each Power Clinic will be 3 hours of mounted riding instruction.(session) Twenty-four riders will be allowed for each session. The twenty-four riders will be divided into 3 groups of 8 riders. Each rider will ride 50 minutes with each clinician and then after a 10 min break rotate to the next clinician until a complete rotation has taken place. That will conclude the session.
Each clinician will cover an important topic that relates to better horsemanship. The sessions will progress in horsemanship skills. Session two will cover more advanced horsemanship than session one etc.
It is our goal to offer three sessions and possibly four depending on time allowed and the demands time wise of entries. We hope to have one evening session for those that arrive later in the day.
Each session is $150. You can ride as many sessions as you like. You will be able to pre-register on the web site or on the Gathering and Finals Entry Blank.
Auditors $25 per session
You must be an exhibitor and ride in a minimum of 6 tests for the show to participate in the sessions.
You must be a Cowboy Dressage World Handshake Member to participate. Join here:
Must be over 12 years to participate unless special arrangements are made
Helmets are recommended

Tentative Outline for Clinic Sessions are:

Tues Sept 5

8:00 am meeting in arena 1 with Clinicians
Session One
9 am – Noon
Eitan-Teaching both horse and rider “Patience”
Lyn- What is straightness, on bending and straight lines, and how to achieve it
Garn- Rhythm & Stride


Tues Sept 5th

Session Two
1:30 pm -4:30 pm
Eitan- Building the Transitions
Lyn-topic- Techniques that improve the Working and Free Gaits
Garn- Square Stop


Tues Sept 5th

Session Three
6:00 pm – 9 pm
Eitan- Advanced Transitions
Lyn- Preparation and execution for increase/decrease in bend, changing bend
Garn- Haunch Turns


Wed Sept 6th    (This session is tentative depending on the entries for the show)

Session Four
6 pm- 9 pm arena 1
Eitan- Lead Changes
Lyn-  Shoulder In, Figure 8
Preparation and execution for an increase/decrease in bend
Garn- Forehand Turns