CDW Spring Gathering and Show 2018 RECAP REPORT

Sacramento California at Murrieta Equestrian Center

April 21 – 22, 2018

250 Test Ridden!

The Cowboy Dressage World Family Gathered to show off their hard work of Horsemanship and showcase their endless endeavor of cultivating a good relationship with their horses.   It was an amazing weekend of honest soft rides, great horses, and an all-inclusive atmosphere.

Spring was in the air and the horse and rider partnerships were in no shortage.  With 250 rides in 2 days the Cowboy Dressage Hand Shake Family rode their hearts out.  Everyone was in a great mood and the horses were happy and that is what really counts right?   We had many new comers who were met with lots of support and encouragement.  Rookie Amy Protzen took home Rookie High Point Award!  The Amateurs were neck and neck all weekend until in the last hour of the show Linda Stanich went out and blew everyone away with a 77.609%.  Knocking JoAnn Gillespie into Reserve Amateur Champion and launching Linda into a plethora of awards:  Overall High Single Score Award, Amateur High Point Champion, Soft Feel Champion Award, and Silver Rider High Point Award.  Way to go Linda what an incredible weekend for you and your beautiful horse Smoke Stack (Willy)!  Four more Amateurs took home some very special awards as well; Lesla Bong High Point Cancer Ride Award, Alyssa Lehr High Point Veteran Ride Award, Alexandra Saddik & Marciana Huarte won Judges Try Awards!  Our Youth division was going strong with Luke Souza taking home Junior High Point Champion and his brother Seth Souza taking home Reserve High Point Champion.  Hey, lets not forget our professionals Ginger Gallup our Open High Point Champion and Alana Koski our Reserve High Point Champion.  We couldn’t do it without you.  What a way to start off the show year!

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Sacramento California at Murrieta Equestrian Center

June 22-24 Summer Show
October 9-14 World Finals

Show off your soft feel!  Soft Feel the way my horse explained it….!

Soft Feel is a private conversation between horse and rider.
Soft Feel is a silent conversation without words, like music, like dance.
Soft feel is the moment of Truth between Contact and Release.
Soft Feel is a Suspension Bridge of Feeling connecting horse to rider.
Soft Feel is a Handshake between horse and rider as Partners.
Soft Feel is the highest degree of Trust between horse and rider.
Soft Feel is a Language which horses Understand and Respect.
Soft Feel achieved through Light Physical Touch and Spiritual Energy.


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