Cowboy Dressage World launches a New Membership Offer beyond the Handshake

Jan 2018

Contact:  JoAnn Gillespie


Cowboy Dressage World launches a New Membership Offer beyond the Handshake

New Membership Options for Cowboy Dressage World 2018

It is official…Cowboy Dressage New Remuda Membership is now up and ready for membership signups.

The definition of Remuda is a herd of horses that have been saddle-broken, from which ranch hands choose their mounts for the day.  We as member are same life blood to cowboy dressage as a horse is to a cowboy.

Become an integral part of supporting Cowboy Dressage World. Join now and benefit from membership perks.

We are honored to still have the Handshake Membership, our continuing core and lifestyle values.

Join the New Remuda Membership:

If you are not a Handshake Member become one today:

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Jenni Grimmett DVM – Cowboy Dressage Educator said it best!

Cowboy Dressage is changing the horse world one handshake at a time. The handshake membership that is the cornerstone of the Cowboy Dressage community is unique as it is not only a membership in a community but a contract, a code of the west and a promise. With the handshake, Cowboy Dressage World enters into an old-fashioned agreement with members to provide education, materials, support and inspiration to it’s members. It promises to embrace the old “code of the west” where your word is your bond and your stock in trade. That handshake membership will always be a part of Cowboy Dressage. It is free for anybody who wants to come aboard and support this revolution in horsemanship.

It is in part with the handshake that Cowboy Dressage now brings you the new “Remuda” membership. The educational side of Cowboy Dressage continues to grow and prosper but as this is the “gift” side of Cowboy Dressage it can only grow so much without the support of its growing membership. The other aspect of Cowboy Dressage are the Gatherings which are growing by leaps and bounds. While Cowboy Dressage’s main focus is not competition, the Gatherings drive the participation in educational events and give the public an opportunity to see us put our words into action.

The new Remuda membership is designed for members that are taking advantage of the wonderful Gatherings across the country and for those that are wishing Gatherings would come their way. If we are ever to have a system that supports and runs those Gatherings from a central location, bringing opportunities to corners of the world that have not yet experienced it, we need to build a stronger Cowboy Dressage World. This is the dream and purpose of the new membership.
You will always be able to be a part of Cowboy Dressage without spending a dime. Your handshake is your bond and you have ready access to tests, diagrams, court outlines, educational materials, blogs from partners and professionals, and so much more. If you are ready to take your membership and support one step further, this is what you are getting with your Remuda membership.

The Remuda membership is designed to also be a year end high point award for each of the divisions. For those participating in recognized Cowboy Dressage Gatherings (schooling shows and playdays do not fall under this new program) you choose which division you would like to gather points in for the year. If you are riding in multiple divisions you can purchase the rights for point tracking in additional divisions for 30$. This point record becomes a useful tool for tracking the performance of not only the rider but a horse as well, helping to build the resume of any horse that is participating in the program.

One of my favorite parts of this new program is the Achievement Awards. Through this program you will be eligible for milestone achievement awards. Think of the merit badge program in the scouting industry. You and your horse will have the opportunity to work towards these milestones and will earn a token representing your achievement. These awards are a great way to take the focus off of the competition with fellow riders and back onto the achievements of you and your horse. For us goal oriented folks, this a great way to focus your riding towards certain goals.

With your membership you also receive discounts from Buckaroo Leather products and Spalding Fly predators, longtime supporters of Cowboy Dressage World. Cowboy Dressage World is working hard to cultivate more of these relationships to provide more discounts to our members as our membership grows and becomes a stronger presence across the country.

The Remuda membership is an annual membership which runs from Jan 1 to Jan 1 each year. You are also able to purchase a lifetime membership if you so desire. You are encouraged to sign up early in the year to get the most benefit of your membership. You will receive with your membership a membership number which is then entered onto your Gathering entry forms for each show you attend. Non-remuda members will pay an additional fee of 25$ on their entry forms at all recognized shows. It is important to note that money is going directly to Cowboy Dressage World and not to the local organization putting on the Gathering.  Professionals who join the professionals association are automatically awarded a Remuda Membership.

Nothing is free in this world, folks. If we wish to see Cowboy Dressage continue to grow and flourish and be a force for change across the world, it is time for us to step up and support in anyway we can. This system is new and is being flushed out and is likely to experience some bugs along the way. But since we are all handshake members we know that grace and patience is part of the deal. Welcome to the Remuda, friends! Let’s saddle up and ride.

Cowboy Dressage feels ~ “Education…..the better way to better horsemanship”  We are “Always Rewarding The TRY” so  Come Try With Us!


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Cowboy Dressage is revolutionizing the way people interact with their horses in the western communities. It provides an outlet for folks that embrace kindness in their horsemanship and gives them a place to showcase their endless endeavor of cultivating a good relationship with their horses.  Cowboy Dressage is rewarding the art and beauty of riding with a soft feel partnership and celebrates the TRY in horse and rider.  This community treats each other and their horses the way you would want to be treated.  NICE!