Eitan to Teach the Art of Cowboy Dressage via Online

Contact: Debbie Beth-Halachmy eitanndeb@gmail.com
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Eitan to Teach the
Art of Cowboy Dressage via Online

He captured your heart — glistening sterling conchos, kind eyes, a loop in his reins, Stetson set just-so.

And now he’s crafted a way to capture your mind.

As a rider, Eitan is brilliant. As a trainer, Eitan is brilliant. As a teacher he’s brilliant. Now he’s become an online instructor who’s developed a way to share the compilation of all that brilliance with you.

Eitan Beth-Halachmy, founder of internationally-popular Cowboy Dressage, has roped the spirit and hearts of audiences everywhere, including at two World Equestrian Games ceremonies. His life, historically not always so easy, has finally rewarded him with a soft, kind, patient attitude toward everything — including his horse partners. Enthusiasm roars when watching his magnificent Western horses willingly perform piaffes, shoulders-in, passages, pirouettes, tempi changes. Recognition and awards have followed, certainly, but his desire to teach reflects much more than that.

Guided by his knowledge, wisdom and humor, Eitan now features his educational posts at membership-only www.cowboydressage.info. Cost is just $50 a year, and participants will have access to all information and posts, which include an array of topics. Where else can you get this level of remarkable education for only $4.16 a month — and you don’t have to leave home?

Categories in this members-only site include: Aids (including the rider’s hands); Balance, Straightness and Bend (including lift the front and ride the back); Cadence and Gaits (including trot vs jog); Groundwork (including everything you do on the ground you should do in the saddle); Horsemanship Wisdom (including “contact is a private matter between the horse and the rider”); Lateral Movements (including turn on forehand left); Tack (including the snaffle); and Cowboy Dressage Court (including riding the corners of the Cowboy Dressage Court). Your favorite videos and stories may come from “My View from the Manure Pile” (Eitan’s sense of humor often shines through!). Eitan also graces the online pages with his professional diagrams and artwork.

There is something about reading Eitan’s lessons and watching his performances on this membership site that’s truly inspirational www.cowboydressage.info. The videos show his solid seat, graceful soft connection with the horse, quiet attitude, elegant everything. And there’s always his wisdom that’s beyond compare.

Joining this online site may give you the courage to expand your thinking and elevate your practical knowledge. Your horse may sense a caring shift in your horsemanship; you may become more patient, exhibit softness, and develop confidence. You may also truly understand why “try” for both you and your horse is so important. You may even get a deep glimpse into what has taken Eitan a lifetime to learn — all by joining Eitan’s online site for only $50 a year ($4.16 a month!) and taking these skills out to the barn.

For more information visit www.cowboydressage.info. Load the site, smile, dust off your boots, join this online educational program, and saddle up!