Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis

Parelli Natural Horse-man-ship 5 Star Master Instructor

Dave has been with Pat Parelli since 1985. He has been involved with horses since grammar school and the late fifties. He was raised on an oil lease in the western side of the great San Joaquin Valley of California. Being far removed from any town, horses became his primary toys. As a boy he found himself helping the neighbors with problem horses, and was soon teaching kids from town how to ride.

It wasn’t until 1985 while starting colts and “fixing” problem horses that he met Pat Parelli at Bishop Mule Days. Certain that Pat was “holding out” on trade secrets, he was dared by Pat to come to a clinic to see for himself the worth of Natural Horsemanship.
By noon Dave knew there was something to this technique. He and Pat hit it off and the rest is history. In 1995 prior to the Star Ratings, Dave earned approved instructor status and 1997 saw him as Course Instructor.

Since 1997, Pat’s program has kept Dave working nearly every weekend throughout the United States. Dave has also taught Parelli Natural Horsemanship clinics in Sweden, France, Australia, Canada, and even Texas. At the Parelli International Study Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Pat has asked Dave teach one week and two week courses covering Level One, Level Two, and Level Three. Dave was asked to teach the final 10 week Horsemanship School at Pagosa Springs. This class was the last one offered prior to the new University style format for the Centers.

Pat Parelli advanced Dave to 5 Star Master Instructor in January 2010. As a 5 Star Master Instructor, Dave periodically spends quality time at the ISC either at Pagosa Springs Colorado or Ocala Florida helping students, improving his skills and just enjoying his friendship with Pat. As a Five Star Instructor Dave provides to Pat both horsemanship experience and special corporate skills.
David is approved to teach Pat’s programs from Level One through Level Four. In addition he is approved to work with Young Horses, Difficult Horses, to start Colts, and conduct Cow Clinics and other specialty events.
David is proud to call Pat Parelli his friend and mentor for over 30 years.