Juli Bishop

Juli Bishop

Number of years with horses 57

I will be riding on a home grown mare; VF JoNita

She is 11yrs. an AQHA foundation quarter horse

All training by Juli Bishop

She is at Top Hand with her first foal who is showing in Partnership on the Ground.

I own and operate Under the Hill Farm. This is a multidiscipline facility. I utilize natural horsemanship methods, classical dressage, and traditional bridlehorse training methods. The main thrust of the barn is to produce intelligent working horses of all types that love their jobs, are calm and thoughtful, and may be relied upon in all situations. To that end, the barn is a very calm place, the nutritional program is very comprehensive, and all training is conducted in a gentle fashion.

My main influences are the Dorrance brothers, Ray Hunt, and my uncles who were great cutting horse men. Currently, when funds are available, I work with clinicians when I can. My mentor is Patrice Edwards of the British Horse Society Teaching Trust.

My bag of training tools includes natural and holistic medicines for horses. I utilize chiropractic, magnetic and laser therapies. In the true tradition of the Californio Vaquero (though mine has a lot of Texas in it); I believe in manana (tomorrow). If the horse doesn’t get it today, he will tomorrow or the day after. The motto of Under the Hill Farm is: Success Through Understanding. And I truly practice this every day.

I have been blessed to spend my life with these wonderful beings for which I am thankful. They have been my teachers, my friends, my confidants, and my companions. Though I have advanced degrees, I choose to make my life working with horses. I make far less money, but I love every day of it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. And who wouldn’t rather be paid for doing what they love than doing something they hate and being miserable?! I am happy to compete. And yes, I’m aggressively competitive. Let’s face it, I’m here to win. But win or lose, I will have fun getting there.