Finals Winners for 2015

2015 Winners List

Over All High Point Winners

  1. Open Saddle sponsored by Camy Etchell Family- Kelly Rankin
  1. Am Saddle- Megan Sullivan
  2. Chinks from Rodeo Etc- Dan Grimmett
  3. Buckaroo Leather Bridle Set- Kris Herman-Jones
  4. Custom Pad and Mohair Girth from 805 Vaquero- Marcia Moore Harrison
  5. CSI Saddle Pad from Lori Justin- Krista Koenig

Over All High Point Junior Winners

  • Bike from Marin Orthodontics-Bailee Von Ilten
  • Buckaroo Leather Western Halter-Avril O’Neal


Over  All High Score Winners

  1. Open winner, KJ Murphy Custom Hat- Megan Sullivan
  2. Amateur winner, Bike from Novato Horseman’s Inc-Kim Moats
  3. Junior winner, 8X10 Portrait from Innervision Photography/ Vest and Scarf from Seriously Fancy- Ballie Von ILten

Judge’s Try Award Winners

  1. Buckaroo Leather Western Halter- Jay Lynn Noel, Judge Bone
  2. Buckaroo Leather Western Halter-Dave Jones, Judge McEnespy
  3. Buckaroo Leather Western Halter- Bonnie Bertetta, Judge Largent
  4. Buckaroo Leather Western Halter- Joanna Hender, Judge Strathman

Silver Rider Award Winners

  • Open Silver Rider-Joan McLaren
  • Resv. Open Silver Rider-Rebecca Wirth
  • Amateur Silver Rider- Dave Jones
  • Resv. Amateur Silver Rider-Betty Nagle



Cancer Award Winner

  1. Seriously Fancy Western Show vest and shirt- Kim Moats

Veteran Award Winner

  1. Custom Horse Sheet by Sierra Horseware- Kim Moats

4-H Award  Winner

  1. Garcia Ellis

Buckle Division Winners


Open Winner-Joan McLaren

Resv winner-Jessica Mosbough

Amateur Winner-Megan Sullivan

Resv winner-ErinGilmore

Junior Winner-Avril O’Neil

Resv winner-Aidon Sullivan


Open Winner-Marcia Moore Harrison

Resv winner-Susan Dockter

Amateur Winner-Jill Von Ilten

Resv winner-Debbie Downing

Junior Winner-Bailie VonIlten

Resv winner-Avril O’Neil

Challenge Winners

Open Winner-Kelley Rankin

Resv winner- Paul Dubray

Amateur Winner-Kim Moats

Resv winner-Dan Grimmett

Junior Winner-Gracie Ellis

Freestyle Winners

Open Walk/Jog/ Lope Winner-Rebecca Wirth

Resv winner, Dale Rumens Partee

Amateur /Junior Walk Jog/Lope Winner-Ballie Von Ilten

Resv winner, Christine Schallmo

Amateur/Junior Walk/Jog Winner-Avril O’Neal

Resv winner Dan Grimmett


Open Winner-Dale Rumens-Partee

Resv-Dee  Myers

Amateur Winner-Joanne Gillespie

Resv  winner-Dan Grimmett


Open Winner-Dee Myers

Amateur Winner-Chris Herman-Jones

Resv winner-Dollie Horst

Partnership on the Ground and Under Saddle Winners

1.Open- Bryanna Valett

Resv winner- Jadon Schiller

2.Amateur- Cleo Home

Resv winner-Lisa  Reif

3.Junior-Avril O’Neil

Resv winner-Halle VonIlten

Soft Feel Buckles by Division

Walk/Jog-Jessica Mosbough

Walk/Jog/Lope- Kim Moats

Challenge- Dan Grimmett

Vaquero-Dale Rumens-Partee

Gaited-Chris Herman Jones

Partnerships On the Ground and Under Saddle

  1. Open- Jadon Schiller
  2. Amateur-Mary Hartmeier
  3. Junior-Avril O’Neil