Happy Holidays From All of us at CDW – Newsletter

Thank you to our corporate sponsor Spalding Fly Predators. “No Flies = Happy Horses” When the horses are happy we are happy!

“Like the working Cowboy the Remuda is the lifeblood of Cowboy Dressage”

The Handshake Membership is still our core and is welcoming to all.
It will always remain.


New CDW Remuda Membership

Membership is valid from Jan 1 to Dec 31 of each year.

Membership Levels

  • Lifetime Membership Each lifetime member will receive a one time Cowboy Dressage World Buckle in appreciation for their lifetime commitment to Cowboy Dressage.
  • Professional $1500
  • Amateur $1000
  • General Adult $50
  • Junior (17 and under) $15



CDWPA Level 1-3 Clinicians and Judges

General Adult Membership is included each year that the member is a member in good standing with the CDWPA as a leveled clinician or judge.

CDWPA Ambassador Membership is included in the Ambassador fee. ( Fee for Ambassador starting 1-1-18 will be $75 per year)

CDWPA Clinicians and Judges who become lifetime members will have $50 deducted each year from their membership dues.

Watch for new learner clinician level and changes in the Ambassador level, stay tuned.


Included with Memberships at all levels will be a year end high point rider’s award. This is to be calculated by accumulated points/scores during the calendar year.

Each member will be able to choose one division, example walk/jog, walk, jog, lope etc with their membership for year-end high point/score. This must be the same horse and rider combination throughout the year. Horses may be substituted with a vet excuse. Each additional division is an additional $30.00 per year.

Additional Information

There will be a $25 nonmember fee for each recognized Cowboy Dressage World Show. Schooling Shows and Play Days are exempt

USEF Opportunity Classes as CDW classes are exempt from the $25 non-membership free but they will receive no points earned

CDW Remuda Members only get points in USEF Opportunity Classes.

All Remuda Members must be Hand Shake Members in good standing.
Join the Free CDW Handshake at: https://cowboydressageworld.com/membership-with-a-handshake/

Have questions: Contact Sara Uhalde at sarauhalde@yahoo.in

Fees are figured in current country currency. You pay your country’s current $50 in their currency, not US. Example: Canada would be sending us $35 US not $50.

Membership Numbers will start at #6 for Lifetime memberships and Sponsors of Cowboy Dressage World. General Membership numbers will start at 251.

Each member will receive a membership card by email/mail.

Membership Perks ( more to come)

Membership discounts and bonuses when you purchase merchandise or product from these businesses.

Keep Flies Away Naturally. Your horse will thank you. Spalding Fly Predators extra double up bonus with one standard shipment. Visit www.spalding-labs.com

Special Offer – Holiday Savings from Buckaroo Leather

Buckaroo Leather-The Official Cowboy Dressage Outfitter since 1995

Buckaroo Leather is offering all CDWPA and Handshake Members a 20% Discount through the month of December.
Use the Promo Code CDW20 when ordering.

Thank you John Brand!!!

New Requirements for Cowboy Dressage World Show (all) and Clinics

This is a mandatory requirement, not an option for all Cowboy Dressage World shows (all) clinics or events. Each must be fully insured for liability naming Cowboy Dressage World LLC as additionally insured All exhibitors, staff, volunteers must sign a release of liability. Show or event must be registered and approved by Cowboy Dressage World. Any event not in compliance can not use the name or the court, rules, diagrams etc of Cowboy Dressage.

Please send electronic copy of insurance, liability and event application to Bev Meyers at bev@cowboydressageworld.com.

Insurance and releases for CDWPA goes to Sheryl Strathman at: horseplayx5@sbcglobal.net

New Tie Breaking Formula

In the past we have broken ties by going to the soft feel scores. In 2018 we will now go to the actual highest percentage between ties to break the tie.

New Liberty Division for 2018

Liberty is Rocking and Rolling. Lots of great ideas and new tests being developed. Tests, rules, guidelines, and diagrams will be launched this spring. Be ready, stay tuned. Lots of liberty clinics will be offered so start your “liberty partnership” soon. You and your horse will be glad that you did.

New and Improved Website coming for Cowboy Dressage World

It is our goal to have a new and improved Cowboy Dressage World Website ready for our public by the first of the year. You will be able to join the new CDW Remuda Membership online. Check back in soon and check it out! www.cowboydressageworld.com

Cowboy Dressage World Calendar

It is the responsibility of all hosting a CDW clinic, schooling show, play day or recognized show to list the event on the CDW Calendar. This is so important to our public. Please take the time to do this as part of your do-diligence. This especially applies to those who are CDWPA Clinicians. CLICK HERE to add your event.

Cowboy Dressage World Welcomes Marlie Perry and Dianna Pyle as our show managers for 2018.

These two are whipping us into shape. Lots of improvements and innovative and effective ideas and features coming together for 2018. Both Marlie and Dianna are the managers of the very successful Far West Cowboy Dressage Show in Bend, OR. They come to us with many years of managing horse shows. We are so excited to have them.

Welcome Beverly Meyers as the new Cowboy Dressage World Executive Director

Bev Meyers is our new Executive Secretary and will be taking on a lot of Debbie Beth-Halachamy’s responsibilities. Please direct questions or concerns to her at: Bev@cowboydressageworld.com Debbie is especially excited about this…….. Bev is the show director at many of our west coast shows. She is a friendly familiar face.

In the works for 2019 and 2020

  • CDW Convention. Featuring Education, Horse Show, Top Hand and Year End Awards. We hope to have this in early spring at a location to be announced.
  • Online show entries
  • The Cancer and Veteran Awards will be allowed, one time to each to exhibitors All recognized shows to count this per lifetime, not per year.
  • The silver awards age limits has been changed to 65 and over.



Happy Trails to all and we wish you many joy filled hours of “horses” in 2018!