Jennifer (Jenni) Purcell


“Jenni Purcell is a Texas-born, Colorado horse girl, now living and teaching relationship-based horsemanship in Sonoma, California at Ravendaisy Farm.

She grew up on an animal rescue ranch where she experienced the amazing things that happen when you earn a horse’s trust.

This is Jenni and Griff’s third year playing in the Top Hand Ring. Jenni is a firm believer in the benefits of cross training, for horses and humans, so Cowboy Dressage was a natural fit, especially because Cowboy Dressage places so much value on the quality of the relationship. “That’s so rare in the competition world, and I’d love to see it become the norm” says Jenni.

When she’s not riding horses or helping others achieve their horsemanship goals connecting and communicating with their horses, she’s on stage fronting her band Silverhorse. Her favorite drink is a Dirty Chai with almond milk. Jenni also likes cat naps with cats and spreadsheets to organize every minute of her day.

Jenni’s equine partner in crime is Grifter Gotta Gun. Grifter is an eight year old quarter horse from the Madonna Ranch. When he’s not competing, Grifter spends his days bossing his home herd around. Grifter also likes Macintosh Apples, organic carrots and quiet days in the pasture with nobody bothering him.


You can learn more about both Jenni and Griff at