Lyn Ringrose-Moe Offers Virtual Lessons, Coaching, Evaluations

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Renowned Equestrian Teacher
Lyn Ringrose-Moe Offers Virtual Lessons, Coaching, Evaluations
Cowboy Dressage World Co-Founder
“Zooms” to your Side

Virtual lessons, coaching and consulting with Cowboy Dressage World Partner, equestrian expert Lyn Ringrose-Moe, are now available through simple technology — right in your back yard! These virtual sessions help further your horsemanship, riding talents, and your horse’s performance. And for the month of June, Lyn will give you a 20-minute session for FREE! Contact Lyn by email at

What subjects?

Not known for letting grass grow under her feet, Lyn has crafted a unique, virtual way to help accelerate your riding skills and horsemanship knowledge in a variety of ways:

• Cowboy Dressage
• Trail Obstacles
• Working Equitation
• Groundwork
• Pre-purchase Exam
• Selecting Equine Professionals
• Rider and Equine Biomechanics
• Other Topics Tailored to your Needs

And as all equestrians know, regardless of which category you choose, each one makes a better rider, horse, and horseman in all disciplines. For instance, groundwork makes a more supple equine athlete in Trail Obstacles, and Cowboy Dressage makes focused horses and riders in Working Equitation. And Lyn doesn’t have any preference whether you ride English or Western, what breed you ride, or your level of experience.

And if you would like an additional keen eye to assist with a pre-purchase evaluation (or other assessments), Lyn can be right by your side (virtually) and confer as she assesses the horse. This Zoom collaboration with Lyn is more personal and informative than a phone call, and invites an eyeball-to-eyeball interactive discussion.

Lyn just sends you an email invitation to the session, and you log on from there. Position your cell phone camera. Simple! Your lesson begins!

Here’s a bonus! Be sure to sign up for a FREE 20-minute virtual session! Deadline is June 30th. Act now! Contact Lyn by email at

What does “virtual” really mean?

As we enter the age of “virtual-ess-ness,” many of us are getting good at pulling up Zoom software (who knew?) and presenting ourselves from anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world. And so it is with having Lyn as your virtual teacher, coach, consultant. She can be right by your side – all without leaving home . . . Simple!

Equipment needed

Here’s what it takes (note: no need for camera person!):
• One cell phone with camera capability
• Tripod for cell phone
• Low profile headphones that fit under a helmet such as Aeropex by Aftershokz that allow you to be up to 150 ft. away from the cell phone


• Turn on cell phone
• Lyn sends an invitation and you accept
• Place phone on tripod
• Put on the headphone, click “on”
• Mount up!
• You can now chat with Lyn as you ride, ask her questions, and listen to her instructions

Become a Zoom wizard

Lyn’s site erases the whim-whams you might have about setting up and using Zoom. Practice Zoom in your living room by sending your image to a friend. Use the tripod. And then find the right spot outside to record you and your horse, paying attention to time of day, amount of light, which direction to shoot, angle and height of cell phone, etc. Choose the same time of day as the scheduled session with Lyn.


Private individual sessions are $75.00 for 40 minutes and $100.00 for 60 minutes.

Small group?

If a small group is interested in this remarkable opportunity with such a special coach, contact Lyn via email for pricing and schedule.

Free sessions!

Here’s a great way to “put your toe in the water” — Lyn is giving away 20-minute virtual lessons for FREE! Act now — they’re filling up fast — and the last day to sign up is June 30th! Hurry! Contact Lyn by email at

For more information about the virtual lessons, visit . It’s a grand way to stay home, heighten your horse’s training, and elevate your horsemanship and riding skills with Lyn Ringrose-Moe, one of the most gifted educators and riders in the country.