Meghan Sullivan

MeganSullivanI started my Cowboy Dressage journey about 3 years ago.  I had always been a horse rider, competing as a kid in hunter pleasure, jumping, dressage and then later in life switching over to cutting.   So in the 30 years of riding horses I thought I knew a lot, not all by any means, but enough to say I was experienced, right?  Not even.  5 years ago I rescued a little mare that hadn’t responded to any kind of clinic or training I had taken her to.  Then I met my dear friend and horse trainer Ron Smith.  Ron being one of the most talented and gifted horsemen I had ever met, was a big advocate for Cowboy Dressage.  This was the start  of my journey. I loved this new way of riding. Being awarded for your harmony and partnership, for your softness and competing against yourself for higher scores.  From my  little mare, I had moved on and found my Morgan gelding, Suntime Doc Holiday.  Doc and I hit it off immediately with his love of my kids, family and of Cowboy Dressage.  To ride Doc is to fly.  He carried me through Cowboy Dressage test with scores I had only dreamed of.  Last year we set our sights on winning the High Point award.  Not only did my Doc do that, but we went on to win the 2015 Overall High Point Amateur Award.   In pure Suntime Doc Holiday fashion we are pushing ourselves farther this year,  the Top Hand.  We are up against some very talented pairs, but we are going to do what we always do, try our “darndest” and have fun doing it.