Tanja Kraus

TanjaKrausTanja Kraus is a Horsemanship Clinician from the East Coast of Australia.  Her passion is using kind horsemanship philosophies to develop a partnership horse for the rider.

Tanja has helped many riders across many different disciplines find a better connection with their horse.  She herself over the years has successfully competed in dressage, western events and showing has most recently competed in the Cowboy Dressage world finals and top hand events in the USA.   For 2 months of the year Tanja starts horses under saddle for clients in Australia.

Her students compete across most disciplines – dressage, cowboy dressage, reining, campdrafting (Australian Cow Working), showing, endurance and working equitation.

Her patient, knowledgeable and reflective teaching skills have helped riders  regain their confidence in their horses and themselves,and they are now enjoying competing, riding trails and rides on the beach with a reliable horse.   Her philosophy develops the horse and rider to be in tune, more flexible, supple, strong, athletic, and confident.

At each clinic we will discover how to develop our horse, ourselves and our relationship and communications together. Each clinic includes written theory, rider biomechanics, ground exercises and ridden exercises.  Find out more about Tanja on her Facebook Page – Tanja Kraus Horsemanship, or visit horsemanshipforperformance.com