The Fall Classic Cowboy Dressage Show in Texas

The Fall Classic Cowboy Dressage Show on Saturday was a huge success thanks to all of our contestants, volunteers and Jim-a-Dee Ranch personnel who made the day possible! In total, we had 58 rides (with 60 being the maximum possible for one day), 23 horses, and 20 contestants. I wanted to send out a congratulations to our contestants who had many accomplishments….


YOUTH High Point Champion: Kennedy Clover and Kandiman’s Cadbury

Reserve Youth High Point Champion: Hayley Stocker and Black Beauty

Third Place Youth High Point: Hunter Hughes and Color Me Western

AMATEUR High Point Champion: Michelle Rohan and Haidas Freebird

Reserve Amateur High Point Champion: Jeanette Fiveash and Jasmine

Third Place Amateur High Point Honorary Mention : Cynthia Fanning and Monte

OPEN High Point Champion: Nancy Parks and Kenosaudashusserenity

Reserve Open High Point Champion: Linda Garrett and Reinvestment in Gold

Third Place Open High Point Honorary Mention: Angie Hughes and Color Me Western

HIGHEST INDIVIDUAL SCORES (all divisions combined):

First Place : SCORE 80!!  Nancy Parks and Kenosaudashusserenity

Second Place Tie Honorary Mentions: SCORE: 76!

  • Michelle Rohan and Haidas Freebird
  • Lynn Baker and Kiwi

Third Place Tie Honorary Mentions: SCORE: 75!  Kennedy Clover and Kandiman’s Cadbury/

  • Lynn Baker and Kiwi/
  • Nancy Parks and Kenosaudashusserenity/
  •  Linda Garrett and Reinvestment in Gold/
  • Emi Jabara and Thor


Our Judge, Gloria Beduhn, who went above and beyond, as usual!

Dee Brown and Jim-a-Dee Ranch personnel for providing the beautiful arena and handy concessions!

Our volunteers, who worked their tails off…without you we would not have had a show!

Friday Arena Setup: Kyle Kincaid, Nancy Parks, and Avenlee Newell (who helped make sure we had to re-set up and measure a few cones after she rearranged them! lol 😉

Judge’s Scribes: Margi Stauver, Megan Manes and Kevin McBrayer

Arena Crew/ Facility help: Kevin McBrayer

Announcer: James Newell

Gate Crew/ Runners: Sidney Coffelt and Meadow

Check-in and points tabulator: Michelle Coffelt

Score Sheet and High Point Tabulators: Dolly Monheiser and Cortney Clover

Horse Helper: Camilla

Callers: Many of you helped your fellow contestants by calling for them, huge Thank you for all your hard work!! You know who you are and we appreciate you!

Thank you to Vaquero Leathercraft (aka James Newell) for making and donating the High Point picture frames and and High score award with leather spur straps!! We are lucky to have your skills and generosity!

We are excited about our next show and hope that all of you will be able to join us. Our plan was to have a show every Spring and Fall, however, as many of you know, this coming March James an I are expecting our second baby. So…. we will plan to put on another show next fall and the following spring. Eitan is planning on putting on a clinic here in Texas this Spring however, so if someone else wants to put on a show around the same time, I am sure there would be lots of interest! I might come audit with infant and toddler in tow lol!

As you can see, our show on Sat was only 2 rides short of our maximum possible rides for a one day show. As the years go on, I am sure our entries will only grow. Instead of turning extra entries away, as the need arises in the coming years, we would like to expand the show to a two day show. Myself, and many of my volunteers etc are not available on Sundays due to religious commitments. So… I wanted to take a little survey and see how many of you would be available to potentially show on a Friday for either a spring or fall show? If we had enough entries, we could do a Friday/ Saturday show. Please reply to me and let me know if this is something that you think would be doable. I know many of you work or have school, but I also know many of you are retired. So maybe Saturday could be saved for those who are not available to come on a Friday? Just an idea, what are your thoughts or suggestions?

Hope to see you next time!!


Jodie Maren Newell