Vefele Petruik

VefelePetruikVefele Petruik is the owner and lead trainer of Vefele’s Equine Partnerships, located in Gilroy, California. Vefele first met Super Proof (aka Lilith) when she was training another horse at the barn where Lilith was boarded. Lilith’s owner, Janie, approached Vefele with concerns about Lilith’s inability to keep a canter for more then a few strides. When Vefele assessed Lilith’s natural gait and rhythm, it was evident that the horse was not only on the forehand, but was also very stiff in her musculature. Vefele started training Lilith in late November of 2015, working on her forward push and the strength of her topline. When Janie suggested that Vefele show Lilith in Cowboy Dressage, Vefele was a little skeptical, not knowing a lot about the rapidly growing sport. Vefele quickly became excited about this particular discipline after taking part in a Classical clinic led by Lyn Ringrose-Moe. Top Hand is Lilith’s first ever Cowboy Dressage show, and Vefele is proud to show both Lilith’s tremendous progress and the bond that has grown between them.