About Virtual Shows:  Virtual Shows are a “Pilot Program”.  Based upon their popularity, they may or may not be continued.  This is a new and exciting venture for Cowboy Dressage World and has a strong learning curve. Please be patient with us as we create another wonderful means for people and horses to enjoy Cowboy Dressage World Wide!

Virtual Show Registration with CDW

  • All Virtual Cowboy Dressage shows must be registered with CDW. Shows must apply for opening and closing dates for their show and receive approval for those dates from CDW.
  • All Shows MUST be listed on the CDW Calendar to be recognized by CDW. https://cowboydressageworld.com/event-calendar/
  • It is recommended that you have a start and closing date on your show premium.
  • Each CDW Calendar post should have all pertinent information listed for the show.
  • Each show or group of shows will need a webpage/Facebook page for their individual show information, premium, entries, etc. It will be from this site that each exhibitor will enter the show and pay fees.
  • Each show must have a name that identifies with it individually. Simply calling it a Cowboy Dressage Virtual Show will lead to confusion as to what show is what as this new concept grows. Each website or face book page must have the same name that Identifies it clearly as well.
  • Posting a CDW Calendar Event is easy and can quickly be done. Just click the ADD EVENT on top left side of page. https://cowboydressageworld.com/event-calendar/
  • Virtual shows are not required to have liability insurance but should have a disclaimer on entry.


  • All Virtual tests/classes must be judged by a Cowboy Dressage World Recommended Judge in good standing. Judges can be found on the CDW website.
  • Multiple judges may judge a show, but a single judge must judge an entire class.
  • The Judge will score and comment filling out the back side of the score sheet, listing the rider’s name, horse’s name, the date and name of the show at the top of the sheet, along with the judge’s name and signature at the bottom of the score sheet. The completed score sheets will be sent back to the show secretary to be totaled and classes placed in a time frame set by the show secretary.
  • All Judge’s scores are final.

Placings, Awards & Memberships

  • All riders must be a Remuda Member for scores to count for Year-end Virtual Points. Remuda Member Year End High Point division choices will act as the same Year End High Point Virtual Awards division choices.
  • All Cowboy Dressage World membership rules apply. (Virtual shows are considered “schooling shows” and follow the rules for schooling shows).  For Virtual points to be counted for Year End Virtual Awards, a rider must be a Remuda member at the time of earning the points. For CDW Remuda Membership information visit: https://cowboydressageworld.com/join-us/
  • All classes will be placed and riders will be emailed or mailed a copy of their score sheet, along with a certificate or award stating their class placing if they are in the top 5. Classes will be placed to 5 places. Individual High Point Placings for each individual show will be posted on the CDW Website. Show secretary must send placings to: donna@cowboydressgeworld.com. Information needed: Name of Show, Date and Judges.
  • All individual test scores for Exhibitors and CDW Remuda Members must be sent to Bev Meyers for uploading to the CDW data base at bevmeyers@outlook.com.
  • All scores received may be used to apply for Clinician status and Liberty. (Scores from a Judge’s own students will not count per the CDW rules). Judges need to have a show’s class list with participant names so as to make sure they are not judging their own students.
  • Scores will count for CDW Virtual High Point Year End Awards, but not Remuda Awards.
  • All test scores will be recorded with Fox Village for viewing.
  • Allow one week from close of show for judging results and placings

General Procedure

  • All shows will have an entry form and entries are to be sent to a show secretary designated for that show.
  • Videos will be sent to a location designated by the show.
  • Show Management can decide what classes are to be offered.
  • This CDW Disclaimer must be on each virtual entry. Upon signing this entry blank, I release Cowboy Dressage World from any responsibility for any injury (or death) to myself or my horse. I am fully aware of the dangers of horse related activities and take full responsibility for my safety and well-being while participating in this virtual show. I hereby am releasing Cowboy Dressage World from any liability while participating in the Virtual Show.
  • Each virtual show must have a disclaimer on entry as well.

Videoing the Ride


  • All Cowboy Dressage Rules apply to CDW Virtual Shows with exceptions stated in this outline.
  • All Cowboy Dressage Rules apply regarding equipment, dress, coaching, etc.
  • A videoed test may be submitted multiple times for judging during the calendar year. However, videoed test may be submitted only one time in a single Gathering(No entering multiple classes with only one video). CDW does encourage each rider to continue to strive for better rides and developing partnerships which may require more additional test videos for judging throughout the year.

Fee “Recommendations” PER TEST

  • Suggested Class fee $30/test which includes the following:
  • Suggested Judge payment $12/test
  • Suggested Secretary Fee $5/test
  • Mandatory CDW Fee for marketing and recording scores $12/per test.
  • Shows may charge an office/administration fee per entry, as well.
  • All Fees to CDW must be paid to CDW within 15 days of closing date of virtual show. Check or Pay Pal accepted.
  • All Show data, placings etc. must be mailed to Bev Meyers within 10 days of closing of show. bevmeyers@outlook.com
  • Any fees or show data that is sent after required deadlines will be subject to a $50 late recording fee.
  • In case of cancellation of any CDW specific virtual show all fees will be refunded except the following: administration fees

Miscellaneous Information

CDW Show Secretary: Bev Meyers at: Bevmeyers@outlook.com

All Tests, Rules, Diagrams, Call Sheets: cowboydressageworld.com/resources/

CDW Website / Membership Management: Donna Muniz Donna@cowboydressageworld.com

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Videos on Youtube.com and Vimeo.com on the Cowboy Dressage channel