For the rider who wants to show but needs a horse.


With the growth of Cowboy Dressage Nationally and World wide we are finding that there are those that wish to show at our Gathering and Finals in Oct. Because of distances this is prohibitive for riders on the East Coast, Europe, Canada and Australia.

This page contains a listing of people who may have horses available for people to ride at our Gathering and Finals Oct 9-14 at the Murieta Equestrian Center near Sacramento, CA.

All details and expenses are to be worked out between owners and riders. Cowboy Dressage World is not liable or responsible for any default in agreements, financial transactions, injuries etc.

This list and availability may be subject to change.

We hope this will help you all as a welcoming community that love to show Cowboy Dressage.

A special thank you to all who share and help create joy and opportunity for others.

Jennifer McKillip

Clinician-Educator Level 1
78551 Echols Road, Hermiston OR 97838
(503) 705-1158

Niki Wilde

Clinician-Educator Level 2
Wilde Oats Horsemanship
Croydon, UT 84050
(801) 829-8360 |

Nonny Largent

Clinician-Educator Level 3
Largent Quarter Horses
Cottonwood, CA
(530) 949-8096 | Email Link

More Info to follow. Stay tuned.