Remuda Membership Year-End Award Requirements

Award Division is selected at time of membership. Additional divisions may be entered for an additional $30 per division (see Select 2nd Division for $30.00 for how to sign up for additional division).

CDW is making it easier for you to compete for Year End High Point Awards….

Qualifying Rides must be ridden between January 1st and November 1st, 2023
(Any Cowboy Dressage Gathering or Cowboy Dressage schooling show judged by a CDW recommended judge is a qualifying show.  The 4 scores can be submitted from one or multiple shows.)

One Horse/One Rider Combination per division(s) of choice during Remuda Membership Sign-up (2nd divisions are available for an additional charge)

Rider will submit their 4 highest scoring tests* (for each membership division) by November 15th, 2023 to:

Bev Meyers
9660 Tavernor Road
Wilton, CA  95693
OR, email electronic copies to

*Submit the front of test that shows:  Date, Name of Show, Judge Name (with signature), Rider Name, Horse Name, and percentage score.

Awards will be sent to Remuda Winner within 8-10 weeks after all tests have been submitted and calculated.

PLEASE NOTE:  Virtual shows are not included in year-end Remuda calculations.  Virtual shows have separate awards for those participating in all 3 Virtual Shows.