Remuda Membership Year-End Award Requirements

Award Division is selected at time of membership. Additional divisions may be entered for an additional $30 per division (see Select 2nd Division for $30.00 for how to sign up for additional division).

Scores will be tracked as follows:
  • SAME HORSE/RIDER combination
  • TOP 8 scores will be used then averaged
  • 8 scores must be from 4 separate judges (2 scores per accredited judge; single score by single judge at C) (multiple judge rings do not count—example Top Hand)
  • 4 scores may be from Schooling Shows (only accredited judge scores apply/4 at Recognized Gatherings [or all 8 scores can be from recognized gatherings])
  • In the case of a tie the highest scoring test will apply (if that score is tied the next consecutive test score will be used)