Cowboy Dressage® World Partners

Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy
Founder of Cowboy Dressage®
Wolf Creek Ranch
Grass Valley, CA
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Visit Eitan & Debbie’s Website

Lyn Ringrose Moe
Founding Partner
Acampo, CA
(209) 747-0984
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Garn Walker
Founding Partner
Bartonville, Texas
Garn Walker Stables
(530) 305-4341
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Wyatt Paxton
Founding Partner
Redding. CA
(530) 784-8000
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Beverly Meyers
Executive Director
 Email Link
(916) 335-0647

Donna Muniz
Website Administrator
Event and Membership Manager
Bastrop, Texas
(Home of the Lost Pines)
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(512) 308-1342

Sharon Beth-Halachmy
Legal Council and Advisor

Kate Riordan
Publicist and Marketing
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Marli Perry
Executive Counsel
Terrebonne, OR
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(541) 548-3541

John Moe
Executive Advisor
PO Box 207, Clements CA 95227
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Cowboy Dressage World is a community, and we could not succeed
without the support from our advisors, volunteers and sponsors.

Jenni Grimmett DVM
Email Link
Jenni’s Blog

Jack Brainard
Email Link   |  Facebook Link  |  Website Link

Bonnie Glasgow
Pilot Point, TX
Email Link  |  Cowboy Dressage of Texas

Dr. Robert Miller, DVM
Facebook Link  |  Website Link

Sara Uhald
Scribe Mentor/Advisor
Email Link  |  (530) 526-1490

SaraLyn Austin
Sponsorship Coordinator
Grounds Manager/Volunteer Coordinator
Email Link  |  (530) 514-9779

Sheryl Strathman
Cowboy Dressage World Professional Association (CDWPA)
Email Link

Liberty Coordinator
Marsha Moore Harrison
Email Link

Court Specialist and Founding Partner
Wyatt Paxton
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Cowboy Dressage World Executive Counsel
Marli Perry
Terrebonne, OR


Horse Show Managers
Marli Perry and Diana Pyle

Show Office Manager
Beverly Meyers

Office Assistant
Judy Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator/Grounds Manager
SaraLyn Austin
Email Link  |  (530) 514-9779

Cowboy Dressage Youth Coordinator
Jill Von Ilten
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