Cowboy Dressage Final Gathering: It’s a Wrap!

The dust has settled and the buckles have been distributed but it feels strange to be at the close of our Cowboy Dressage Gathering season so early in the year. The new early date for The Cowboy Dressage finals was meant to make travel easier for some of the folks coming from the north and for those of us that … Read More

Cowboy Dressage Educational Journey – Bina Sigl CDW Austria.

Now that I am back from this year’s Cowboy Dressage Educational Journey, I would like to reflect and share my thoughts and experiences during these wonderful 3 weeks in California. First of all…please readers, read this article to the end before pressing LIKE …I know its a bit long…. After a few days of City-feeling in SF I was already … Read More

The Cowboy Dressage Handshake By Jenni Grimmett DVM

The Cowboy Dressage Handshake By Jenni Grimmett DVM The Cowboy Dressage community is unique in many ways.  When your guiding principle is kindness and soft feel you invite a certain class of people that are anxious to not only embrace that ideal but cultivate it in others they meet.  For me personally, embracing the ideals of Cowboy Dressage has made … Read More

2016 Gathering and Finals. The Switch!

Top Hand competitors… I salute you! Besides the great horsemanship, I would like to share a few things that stood out for me. First, was the willingness and courage of many accomplished horsemen. The horseman that stepped out of their box (discipline of choice) to compete in Top Hand for their very first CD show. Well, it was the most … Read More