2019 Cowboy Dressage World

Qualifying Tests October 9-11, 2019
Championship October 12, 2019

CDW Trifecta Competition

Please note that this new division is under development and may be subject to changes. Please keep checking back.

Ridin’ for the Brand

Ridin’ for the Brand was an unwritten code of the Old West but understood by everyone who agreed to live the cowboy life on the open range — that the cowboy should always “ride for the brand.” In the early days of the American West, a brand was a ranch’s trademark. It meant protecting the ranch and its livestock, whatever it took. The brand also represented pride, duty, stewardship, loyalty and dedication.

Perhaps a few lines of a cowboy poem say it best:

“Ridin’ for the brand means to help neighbors and friends
search for that one last stray,
even though you’re tired and it’s the end of the day.
It’s just not the cowboy way to quit.”

Cowboy Dressage reflects those principles of being moral, just, fair and dedicated.

General Information for Riding for the Brand

Entry Fee $325
(Includes 3 tests & 2 test championship, shirt & website promotion)

  1. Qualifying tests are as follows:
    • Cowboy Dressage World Challenge Test Walk/Jog/Lope – Test 2
    • Partnership on the Ground #2
    • Walk Jog Lope Open Freestyle
  2. The Riding for the Brand Trifecta is open to Amateurs, Open Riders, Clinicians and Professionals.
  3. All riders must be 18 years or older.
  4. Riders may enter more than one horse.
  5. If a rider has more than one horse in the Top Five, then the highest scoring horse must be ridden.
  6. The same rider and horse combination is required in all 3 tests and Championships
  7. Walk Jog Lope Freestyle must salute at beginning and end of test.
  8. All Riding for the Brand Walk Jog Lope Freestyle music must be turned into office on Tues by 5 pm. Sound tests will be Wed at 7 pm. Place to be determined. All music must be on thumb drive or CD with only one selection of music. If there is championship music that is different it must also be on a separate thumb drive or cd. No multiple music on either. This must be labeled for qualifying test or championships. Riders name must be on them .
  9. Qualifying Tests to be held during show days. These will be specialty classes and for Riding for the Brand Entries only.
    • Wed Oct 9th – Riding for the Brand Partnership on the Ground #2
    • Thursday Oct 10th – Riding for the Brand Challenge Walk/Jog/Lope #2
    • Friday Oct 11th – Riding for the Brand Walk Jog Lope Open Freestyle
  10. The Top 5 riders for Finals to be posted by 7 PM on Friday Oct 11th.
  11. The 6th place winner should be on stand by for the Championship Competition.
  12. Mystery test can be picked up at the office one hour before the start of the Final Competition on Sat. PM Oct 12 (Approximately 5 PM)
  13. Championship starts Sat. Oct 12th after dinner in arena 1. Approximately 6:30 PM. Awards will be given one hour after the competition ends on Saturday evening.
  14. A total of the percentage scores of all three tests for each horse/rider combination will be used for placings of the top five riders for the Championship.
  15. Two tests will be ridden by the top five. Both percentage scores will be combined for the Champion.
    1. First Mystery Test
    2. Second Walk Jog Lope Open Freestyle (There will be no required maneuvers)
  16. All Cowboy Dressage World Rules will apply. cowboydressag.com/competition.html; if there is a conflict in Rule Verbiage – these Rules take precedence.
  17. All riders must be members of The Cowboy Dressage World Hand Shake (free). http://www.cowboydressage.com/images/pages/world/signup.html
  18. All Riders must be Remuda Members in good standing. https://cowboydressageworld.com/membership-with-a-handshake/join-us/
  19. Same horse and rider combination must compete in all three qualifiers to be eligible for the Championship.
  20. Substitutions of a horse and/or rider is allowed ($100 substitution fee) up until Tuesday, October 8 th at 5:00 p.m. with veterinary excuse or approval by CDW Partners. Refunds only before entry closing date with written veterinary or Doctor’s excuse.  No refunds after entry closing date. 
  21. All exhibitors should check our Rules and Guidelines page for new rules for 2019.
  22. All riders must supply a photo of themselves and their horse with a short Shirt size is a must too.  Entry will not be considered complete without these.  Send photo, shirt size and bio to Debbie Beth-Halachmy at:  eitanndeb@gmail.com.  In Subject line put: Riding for the Brand.  This information is due at close of entries.  All this will be listed at: cowboydressageworld.com.                   
  23. Entries and release will be on a separate entry blank.
  24. All entries bios, pics and profiles will be featured on Cowboy Dressage World Website.

Schedule for Riding for the Brand

Tuesday, Oct 8th 5 pm.  
Meeting of all riders at show office.
Shirts to be handed out.

Wednesday. Oct 9th
Riding for the Brand Partnership on the Ground #2
Arena and times to be determined.

Thursday, Oct. 10th
Riding for the Brand Challenge Walk/Jog/Lope #2
Arena and times to be determined.

Friday, Oct. 11th
Riding for the Brand Walk Jog Lope Freestyle (4 min)
There will be no required maneuvers
4 min

Friday, PM (by 7 PM)
Top Ten riders to be posted

Saturday, Oct. 12th,  5 PM
Mystery Test hand out at office (one hour before start of final competition)
5 pm Ticketed Dinner
Draw for order of go. (same order of go for both tests)
Top five ride Mystery Test
Top five will then ride a Freestyle. It can be different than their qualifying
test. (4 min)

Awards one hour after final competition


  1. Placings will be calculated by percentages, not points for Riding for the Brand competitions.
  2. Qualifying tests will have one judge
  3. Total score to be combined for all three tests in qualifying tests
  4. Championship tests will have 3 judges
  5. The combined score of the 1st and 2nd Go (Mystery test and Freestyle) will determine the placings for Champion.
  6. The previous Qualifying score is not counted in final Top Five Placings.
  7. 50% of the score is on general impression: Soft Feel, Partnership and Harmony.
  8. 50% of the score is based on technical merit.
  9. Freestyles must salute at beginning and end of test.

Riding for the Brand Championships

Top 5 riders/horses
First test is the Mystery Test. (callers allowed)
Second test is the Freestyle (4 min)

The Top Five Riders

First Go

  1. Top Five Horses will have time to familiarize themselves with arena during Calcutta but cannot go inside the court.
  2. Top Five Horses cannot leave the arena.
  3. Each rider will have 45 seconds after the bell to enter the arena at A and begin their test.

Presentation of Awards – Sat PM following final ride.

  1. Upon completion of all rides, winners will be announced, and Calcutta winners will be announced.
    • Top Ten 10-1 to be awarded
  1. Riders do not have to be mounted during awards.

Tie Breaker

In case of tie in the qualifying tests the highest combined soft feel score will be used from Riding for the Brand Walk Jog Lope Challenge test #2 and Riding for the Brand Partnership on the Ground #2.

In case of tie in the Riding for the Brand Championship the top two will re-ride the mystery test for the tie breaking score.

If there is a tie between 2-5 places then the same protocol as the qualifying tests will be used.

Riding for the Brand Championship Award    

Championship Belt Buckle
Championship Ribbon
Certificate of Award

Five nights at Murieta Inn and Spa for any CDW show

At MEC in 2020 or 2021

2 stalls for any CDW show at MEC in 2020 or 2021

Lunch for 5 days from MEC Cafeteria for any show at MEC for 2020 or 2021

Winning Horse to receive a big bag of carrots.

Award is not transferable and has no cash value. It must be used in 2020 or 2021

Void after CDW Gathering and Finals 2021.


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