Cowboy Dressage TOP HAND at 2017 World Finals Gathering Sept. 5-10, Sacramento, California at Murrieta Equestrian Center


August 2017

Contact:  JoAnn Gillespie


Cowboy Dressage TOP HAND at 2017 World Finals Gathering Sept. 5-10, Sacramento, California at Murrieta Equestrian Center

In Cowboy Dressage, we honor the tradition of the Cowboy and the lifestyle of the West while building partnership and harmony with our horses.  We believe that in order to create the ultimate horse we have to be the ultimate partner for that horse.  By working to improve communication with the horse through soft feel we aim to create a working partner that is soft and willing and capable and able to take on any job on the ranch or in the arena

To test those skills, the Top Hand Competition, consists of qualifying rounds on Saturday morning September 9th.  Then later that Saturday night they will compete in two rounds for the coveted title of Top Hand.  One round on their own horse and then will draw another competitor’s horse from the Top 5 horses to ride in the final round on a horse they’ve never ridden before.  The prizes include:  a Cowboy Dressage Saddle to Top Hand Champion, Cowboy Dressage World Top Hand Champion Buckle,  Cowboy Dressage Horseman’s Knife and Champion Ribbons.  The competition is open to Amateur and Open Riders, Clinicians and Professionals age 18 or older

Cowboy Dressage Top Hand competition captures the spirit of the cowboy tradition of the West where all cowboys strive to be worthy of the honor and respect of being a Top Hand.  All Cowboys worth their salt strive to be worthy of such a title.  It is not a title given lightly nor one that is awarded to someone that hasn’t put in their time.  It is a title of honor and respect.  While the Cowboy needs to have many skills, including some of the dirtier ground crew work, the highest skill of the Cowboy and the one most respected was the horseman.  Of utmost importance to this distinction of top hand is a cowboy’s skills as a horseman.

While the end goal of Cowboy Dressage is not the competition we feel that it is right and fitting to honor the Top Hands out there that have dedicated the time and energy to become worthy of the title.  Though we no longer have the ability to prove our worth while riding for the brand each season, we can get together to showcase and honor the work we have done with our horses and recognize the men and women that have made themselves worthy of being deemed Top Hand.

Creating that partnership and relationship with a horse requires a rider that is dedicated to the goal of soft feel.  While it takes time to develop true partnership in a horse, a rider that embodies soft feel can cultivate partnership in any horse that he mounts.  A true horseman can quickly adapt to communicate with each horse that he/she comes in contact with.

Cowboy Dressage ~ We are “Always Rewarding The TRY” so Come Try With Us!

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Cowboy Dressage is revolutionizing the way people interact with their horses in the western communities. It provides an outlet for folks that embrace kindness in their horsemanship and gives them a place to showcase their endless endeavor of cultivating a good relationship with their horses.  Cowboy Dressage is rewarding the art and beauty of riding with a soft feel partnership and celebrates the TRY in horse and rider.  This community treats each other and their horses the way you would want to be treated.  NICE!