SouthWest Cowboy Dressage Winter Gathering

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December 14, 2019 - December 15, 2019 All day

South West Cowboy Dressage Winter Gathering
With Judge Niki Wilde, Cowboy Dressage Level 2 Clinician and Certified Judge

14th/15th December
Horseshoe Park, 20464 East Riggs Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

All tests and Division available. Come and demonstrate your skills!

This is our 3rd and Final Show for 2019 - Year End Awards!

For more information: Call/text Judy Mackenzie on 303 358 6118 or Tessa Nicolet on 928 951 4699 or go to

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    2021 CDW Team Trifecta Competition

    Tests will include:
    Partnership on the Ground Walk Walk Test 1, Challenge Walk Jog 3, Open Court Walk Jog 3

    spurClick Here for Entry Form!    |  Added 08/13/2021

    Cowboy Dressage World is always thinking of something that is not only fun for our exhibitors but challenging. This year we are offering the CDW Team Trifecta. This is a TEAM competition. The fun is you will not know your fellow team riders until a draw for teams on Wednesday evening.

    CDW is very excited about this competition as it has so many elements that we strive to share with our riders. Sportsmanship, fellow rider support,  strategy and horsemanship and of course a good time!

    How it works:

    • Each test will be a Team Trifecta Test and a separate entry from the regular tests.
    • Teams will be 3 riders.
    • Team riders will be drawn before competition starts.  Details will be emailed.
    • Each rider on each team will ride all three tests
    • The scores will be accumulative and the team with the highest collective scores will be the winner.
    • Each winning team member will receive an engraved Molly Buckles.
    • Ties to be broken by Soft Feel scores.
    • If there is an odd number for teams, entered riders to balance teams will be encouraged to enter from CDW.
    • Fee per rider is $180.


    The Honorable: Nonny Largent, California
    The Honorable: Carol Tice, California
    The Honorable: Jill Von Ilten, California
    The Honorable: Abigale Vandermark, Indiana
    The Honorable: Susan Dockter, California
    The Honorable: Niki Gibbs Wilde Broadhead


    Horse Show Manager: Marli Perry
    Show Secretary: Bev Meyers
    Assistant Show Secretary: Becky Wolkenhauer
    Volunteer Coordinator, Grounds Manager, Courts & Banners:
    Kaylee Plunkett and Nicole Kochanowski


    Marli Perry: 541-350-4208:
    Bev Meyers: 916-335-0647:
    Nicole Kochanowski: 714.625.7550:
    Kaylee Plunkett: 209.781.6246:
    Cowboy Dressage:
    Show Photographer: Maria Marriott
    916.606.0349 cell

    Mail Entries to:
    Cowboy Dressage World
    C/O Bev Meyers
    9660 Tavernor Road
    Wilton, CA 95693


    Vet: Dr. Robert Hunter - 916-687-6870
    Farrier: Ben Garcia – 916-284-4346 call or text
    Bedding & Feed: Rancho Murieta 916-985-7334
    RV Reservations and Payments: Rancho Murieta


    Tuesday, October 12th
    4:30 p.m. – Dr. Sharon Spier
    Topic: Lameness and Gait Evaluation in Performance Horses

    Dr. Sharon Spier, DVM, PhD, DACVIM is a professor of the Department of Medicine and Epidemiology at the University of California, Davis. Her areas of interest include Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis infection (also known as pigeon fever or dryland distemper), hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP), and genetic diseases of horses. Dr. Spier was appointed as an Emergency Treating Veterinarian for five Olympic Games (1988-2008) and multiple World Equestrian Games and is active in several equine groups.

    A horse lover all her life, Dr. Spier has owned, raised and trained horses of various breeds. She has participated in English and Western disciplines, as well as polo, endurance, ride and tie, and natural horsemanship clinics. At UC Davis, she directed the Equine Field Services for over 30 years and taught general equine practice, equine behavior, and horsemanship in the veterinary curriculum. She is presently serving on the Scientific Advisory Board for the AQHA and volunteers in other equine health-related projects nationally and internationally.

    5:45 p.m. – Introduction and Demonstration of Octopoles Walk Walk Test & Octopoles Partnership on the Ground (new tests for 2022) – ARENA TBD

    6:45 p.m. – CDW Partners
    Topic: Sharing of Information, News and
    Q/A from Audience

    Wednesday, October 13th – 8:00 a.m. Classes Begin
    Riding for the Brand Qualifiers
    Trifecta Classes
    6:30 p.m. – Grand Entry and Welcome from Cowboy Dressage World Partners

    Thursday, October 14th – 8:00 a.m. Classes continue
    Riding for the Brand Qualifiers
    Trifecta Classes

    Friday, October 15th – 8:00 a.m. Classes continue
    Riding for the Brand Qualifiers
    Trifecta Classes

    6:00 p.m. – Dinner and Concert
    (must pre-register) – Arena 1
    5:30 p.m. seating, 6:00 p.m. Dinner, 7:00 pm Concert
    Dinner & Concert Ticket: $55

    Justin Lawrence

    Justin grew up in Exeter, California and grew up around cutting horses and cow horses. He started rodeoing at the age of 6. All through high school and college he participated in team roping, calf roping, steer wrestling, and rode saddle broncs. Justin was able to win state in the Bronc riding and Top 10 in the world in college. He started picking up instruments at the age of 10 and taught himself to play a variety of them. He learned by copying Chris LeDoux, Marty Robins, and other cowboy artists that sing about the lifestyle Justin is closest to. He started packing a guitar to the rodeos and started playing gigs at 18 years old. Now you can find him playing at breweries and restaurants while rodeoing professionally in the PRCA.
    A sneak peek at Justin . . . Justin Lawrence - “Fire Away” by Chris Stapleton. Live from the... | Facebook

    Serving our Gatherings for 2021 – 916/687-6810

    Jonath Robles (known as J.R.)

    and his young nephew Tim Daniel will be opening our Saturday night entertainment. JR a well-established horseman in the Pacific Northwest who believes in “paying it forward” and “giving a hand up” to those with dreams and aspirations. His young (age 17) nephew Tim aspires to be a great rope artist. JR believes in this dedicated cowboy and is helping him realize his dream. Together they will share their special talents from horsemanship to “ropemanship.”

    A veteran at public appearances JR is at home in front of an audience or in competitions. For Tim this is a new experience.

    Jonath Robles of J.R. Horse Training was born on November 16th, 1985 in Portland Oregon. Jonath utilizes and implements Natural Horsemanship, Reining and Classical Dressage in his training methods. Jonath has a full-time training program but he also travels across the country giving clinics and headlining some of the largest Horse Expos in the country. Using his psychology degree, he’s able to help both horse and human build trust and have better communication. Find out more . .

    Tim Daniel Barajas: Tim was born on July 25, 2004. Tim’s dad gave him a rope at the age of 3 and they have both been practicing together ever since. Tim’s dream is to be able to work with horses full-time and use his talent with the rope to make his family proud. Tim will be graduating from high school in 2022 and plans to pursue his dream more seriously at that point.

    Saturday, October 12th – Regular Classes Conclude
    11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. – Silent Auction (office area)
    6:30 p.m. – Riding for the Brand Finals in Arena 1 – RFTB Award Presentation to follow – MC Jill Von Ilten

    Sunday, October 17th – Morning

    9:00 a.m. – Garrocha Demonstration (Arena 1): Jenni Grimmett
    With the Garrocha Pole being introduced in the new CDW tests for 2022 we thought it might be a good idea to get an educational jump start on the use and management of the pole.


    10:00 a.m. Gathering & Finals Awards – Arena 1 porch
    MCs Dan & Jenni Grimmett

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    Please Note CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES Must be  POSTMARKED by Tuesday, September 28, 2021
    $100 POST ENTRY FEE after closing 9/28/21
    CHANGE IN HORSES or RIDERS is viewed as a New Class and an Additional Class Fee Will Apply

    Gathering and Finals Awards ceremony will be
    Sunday, October 17th, 10:00 a.m. on Arena 1 Porch

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